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Local SEO Services

Whether you have one brick-and-mortar location or one thousand, local SEO can help attract more local traffic, more visitors, and more customers.

  • More Visitors Online and Off: Local SEO

    The world keeps getting smaller, and the Internet has made it possible for your business to pull in traffic and customers from around the globe. But if you’re a company with a brick-and-mortar presence (perhaps a Franchise or the corporate parent of many franchise locations), local search engine optimization (SEO) is another critical consideration in your digital marketing.

    Local SEO relies on many of the same practices as its Web-focused sibling. But it also comes with a unique set of tactics intended to boost not just your product’s or service’s visibility in the search results, but your physical location as well. Done well, local SEO services can help set you apart as the go-to provider for folks in your area.

  • Claim and Update Local Listings

    Claim-jumpers are mostly an artifact of the Old West, but the first step we’ll take in your local listing management is claiming your brand’s online profiles. Then, through the use of geographical schema markup and microdata, we’ll ensure information such as your name-address-phone (NAP) is current and correct, and enhance your local listings to forge a stronger connection between your company’s physical location(s), online presence, and the customers you serve.

  • Online Word of Mouth

    When it comes to local SEO, what others have to say about your business packs a serious punch as well. Through in-depth channel auditing, management, and strategy, we can gain insight into what your customers—and potential customers—are saying about you on social media, and in reviews. Then we’ll use that data to help you build a community, and strengthen your local visibility and authority.

  • Local Digital Advertising

    We’re anything but a one-trick pony. As part of our local SEO services, we’ll work with you to create hyperlocal mobile ads so you can appeal to your target demographic, bring in more customers, and make more hay.

    No matter how big or small your company, being the local favorite definitely has its benefits. Get in touch, and find out how we can help your company build a stronger local presence for visitors down the street as well as across the globe through local search engine optimization.

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