Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing on the web. It enables marketers to buy the attention of target users instead of struggling to win them over organically. PPC marketing works seamlessly with search engine advertising methods like Google AdWords. To make the most of your pay-per-click investment, you must optimize your PPC strategy. Otherwise, you might spend money without sealing conversions. Achieve profitable PPC optimization with a few key tests. Campaign testing establishes performance benchmarks, measures the success of your efforts, and helps you improve in the future. Try these three tests to optimize your latest PPC campaign. Review Keyword Performance The success of your PPC campaign depends on the keywords you choose to bid on. …Read entire entry »

Email campaigns offer a very inexpensive tool for reaching an audience. Many careers and start-ups flourished because of cold emails, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. You have no audience relationship and you lack feedback that allows you to adjust as you go. With all this going against them, it’s no wonder that cold emails tend to fail. Crafting the perfect cold email is a craft. It requires fine-tuning and hard work with few responses. Every situation requires a different approach. Engaging readers requires good writing, compelling content, and something actionable each recipient feels uniquely qualified to fulfill. Read on for some best practices to turn that cold email c…Read entire entry »

Unfortunately, many companies continue to crank out content that sucks. Poorly crafted content represents a time suck and a money suck you really can’t afford. If your content isn’t delivering measurable and meaningful results, you may want to reevaluate your content marketing strategy. Why Content Deserves Your Attention Marketers rarely know which piece of content will serve as a reader’s gateway to their brands. Some consumers discover preferred brands through social media networks while others value the quintessential Google search. Still more find brand mentions by happenstance through blogs, articles, and advertisements. Each interaction can encourage or detract from future brand interactions. Content has largely …Read entire entry »

Your call to action (CTA) is the chance to motivate your audience to take real steps toward becoming a customer or client. It can be the determining factor between a lead and a conversion. Many argue that the call to action is the most important part of your site or ad campaign. Skipping the CTA is a grave mistake that won’t bode well for your company. There is a reason the CTA button has become such a staple on site content and in ad copy – three reasons, in fact. CTAs Motivate Your Sales Funnel CTAs and sales funnels go hand in hand. The calls to action serve as transitions between the phases of the buyer’s journey. They instruct the user on what to do next, prompting them to take immediate action. Whether you want your user to visit your blog, give you their contact informa…Read entire entry »

In a web-enabled world, we always seem to be moving faster, working harder, and getting more done.  This is because technology has allowed us to communicate faster, respond to things faster, find answers more quickly, screw up faster and then identify and fix those screw ups more quickly.  If you work with anyone over 60, ask them about the golden years when you would write a memo and it would take days to get delivered.  A meeting was something worked out by secretaries and an impromptu meeting could only happen if everyone happened to be in the office at the time, and even then, it took someone physically running around to find everyone who should attend the meeting, not just a barrage of emails and digital meeting invites appearing on your phone.  No “calling it in” while you’re returning from your coffee run or dropping the kids off at school.  This is exactly what our technologies allow for.  And, that means that when something comes up that we need to address around o…Read entire entry »

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of doing business today. As such, it deserves attention from experienced SEO professionals. Trusting your brainchild with just any SEO consultant can be a big mistake. You worked hard to create your brand – don’t let a rookie or inexperienced mid-level consultant make poor decisions. Your consultant should build your progress, not obstruct it. Learn how to tell expert professional SEO consultants apart from the novices, for the benefit of your business. Why Hire Professional SEO Consultants? If you’re a new startup or modest small business, it can be tempting to hire cheaper, less experienced SEO consultants. If this is all that yo…Read entire entry »

The campaign creation is done. You’ve completed all the steps, including keywords and advertising text. You’ve configured your pay-per-click account, activated your campaign, and sat back to enjoy the profits. Nothing happens. There are no clicks, no engagement, and especially no profit. You never see your ad. What happened? There are many reasons that lead to failed AdWords campaigns, including simple mistakes in your account, a poorly planned schedule, budgetary limitations, and more. Read on to learn the top reasons why Google advert campaigns fail, so your next campaign will be a success. Incorrect Billing Deta…Read entire entry »

Happy New Year from Vizion Interactive! As we dive into 2018, we were excited to chat with our team and also some of our favorite digital marketing pros from Dallas Digital Summit this past December, about what's coming up for them this year. Check out their predictions, strategies, and exciting new projects they're working on for 2018 below. Let us know what's in store for your New Year in the comments! "I would say that 2018 is going to be a challenge for Google, as much as it might be for SEOs. For SEOs, we should focus on getting better at information architecture, taxonomy, and content (those things that we can directly control). We should also focus on the user experience and conversion rate within the websites, to – again – focus on things more in our direct c…Read entire entry »

In my lifetime, I have been blessed by having developed friends of all shapes and sizes. I have Jewish friends, Christian friends, Muslim friends, agnostic friends and atheist friends. Truly, having a diverse set of friends has enriched my belief system and, I think, made me a better – more compassionate – person. Growing up in Texas, I was fortunate enough to develop a very close bond with my best friend and his family, who happen to be from India. Now, I live in Kansas in a very nice suburban area, but the friendships that I’ve developed living here do not reflect as much diversity as I had come to know from living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Los Angeles or my travels. In February of this year, I was shocked to learn a …Read entire entry »

Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Melanie Deziel at this year's Dallas Digital Summit. Melanie is an award-winning branded content strategist and consultant, and the founder of The Overlap League, the native ad newsletter. She is a board member of the Native Advertising Institute, has served as an executive judge for the Digiday Content Marketing Awards, and travels the country educating marketing, sales and editorial teams on branded content strategy. Check out our interview with Melanie below, as she gives us some key takeaways from her session: "Think Like a Journalist: Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing" and shares some exciting upcoming news for 2018! …Read entire entry »