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SEO Website Redesign Consulting

An SEO website redesign can help boost your site’s visibility, rankings, performance, and usability, all of which can bring you new customers.

A Stronger Web Presence: Website Redesign and SEO

Your website is the online face of your brand. It’s the first stop for many of your customers, and the strongest asset you have in building your authority and visibility in the digital marketplace.

Like patients treating symptoms rather than the illness, businesses often redesign their website for look and feel, and then hire an SEO afterward to “make it work.” This method is often a path to website failure. To make the most of your site’s redesign, and address look, feel and function, you’ll be ahead of the game if you engage an SEO professional before you hire a design shop.

An SEO pro can help you identify the most effective ranking and performance elements of your site long before you settle on a theme or appearance. Our SEO website redesign consultants combine their knowledge of SEO best practices with the skills of your Web design team to help your brand reach more of the people in your target market—and provide a positive experience.

We can help you strike a balance between good looks and strong performance, ensuring SEO and usability are taken into consideration during the redesign process. We’ll research the keywords relevant to your business to positively influence how your site appears in search results.

In addition, we’ll identify the keywords your competitors are targeting, the type of content they’ve created, and the practices they’re using to rank and convert. We bring this research into the project to help create solid a foundation for your new website—one based on a lot more than just appearance.

While we can definitely provide a soup-to-nuts design and development solution for you, most of our clients retain us as an addition to their existing Web development team, allowing us to work hand in hand to create a site that generates more leads and sales through a stronger natural presence in search results.

Want to bring in more visitors, and turn more of those visitors into clients? We’ve got the perfect prescription.

  • The Right Site for the Right Audience

    Sometimes, beauty really is only skin deep. Your site may look fantastic, but does it speak in the voice your audience wants to hear? Is it designed—from code to content—to help the right people find your site and guide them on their journey from search engine to shopping cart?

    If not, we will work with your designer or agency to help you transform your existing site into one with both beauty and brains—and serious appeal to both search engines and the people who use them to find you.

    So what can you expect from our SEO website redesign service? A full suite of a la carte options, including:

    • In-depth, multi-dimensional keyword research to review existing analytics and PPC efforts
    • Competitive analysis to identify the best practices of your competition and apply any insights gained to creating a more successful information architecture, site content, social marketing, etc.
    • Information architecture analysis and review to ensure the URLs driving traffic to your site now are preserved in the redesign, thereby preserving existing traffic while encouraging growth
    • Information architecture and Taxonomy recommendations to ensure a sound user-path for the website, and that targeted keywords and content plans work in unison toward your goals
    • Technical analysis designed to address:
      • Page load times
      • Broken links
      • URL redirect mapping
      • Mobile
      • Server integrity
    • Consult on design anduser experience
    • Removal of duplicate or low-quality content
    • Consultation on content to ensure that you’re providing your target audience—and the search engines—the content they need
    • Review of social integration and recommendations
    • Review for compliance with W3C and Section 508 standards (for governement websites)
    • Powerful analysis of analytics to ensure proper tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Pre-launch review for broken links, cross-browser compatibility, analytics integrity and a smooth launch

You should never have to choose between a site that looks great and one that functions well.

If your site’s ready for a revamp—or if you’re starting from scratch—get in touch, and let us show you how effective SEO website redesign consulting can ensure your brand has an online presence that’s more than just a pretty face.

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