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Social Media Advertising Services

Social media advertising puts your brand in front of more people with less effort. Instead of bringing them to you, go where your customers already are.

Connecting with Customers Where They Are: Social Media Advertising

Your business has unprecedented access to information that lets you promote your goods and services directly to consumers who fit your target market, across multiple platforms, systems, and devices.

Is your business making the most of its connections? Social media advertising services help you harness the power of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to serve your ads directly to interested viewers—and encourage more traffic and sales.

  • Social Media Advertising Services Can Help Your Business Grow

    Social media may be about what’s hot right now, but whether you’re paying by the click or the view, the smart money’s on good old-fashioned strategy, planning, and insight. We’ll design a new social media ad strategy that’s grounded not in what’s popular, but in what works for your business.

    Our team of social media advertising specialists will review your existing campaigns to find your strongest performers, weed out any problem areas, and identify any potential opportunities you may be overlooking. Then we’ll sit down with you and create a campaign that’s driven by results, within your budget, and designed to help your business meet its traffic and revenue goals.

    Are you struggling to make connections with your current strategy? You’ll be anything but anti-social with our suite of social media advertising services, including:

    • Complete multi-channel services, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, and more
    • Enhanced analysis and targeting to ensure your ads reach the right people, on the right sites and devices, at the right time
    • Channel audits to reveal competitor activity, missed and underexploited opportunities, profit potential, and overall channel suitability with regard to your vertical and your revenue goals
    • Regular reports on campaign reach, efficiency, and spend
    • Strenuous testing for ad text, images, and placement across platforms and devices (including mobile)
    • Custom campaign targeting options based on feedback and brand presence on a given platform
    • Full integration with our Social Media Marketing Services for easy and effective management of your brand’s online presence, improved customer engagement and community building, and increased traffic and conversions

If you’re feeling alone and a little overwhelmed by social media advertising, don’t despair!

You’ve got a friend. Get in touch, and we’ll help you attract more visits and sales with our strategic and results-oriented social media advertising services.

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