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PPC Audit Services

A thorough, professional PPC campaign audit can reveal missed opportunities and help you form a winning strategy for more effective paid advertising.

Boost Your Paid Advertising Performance with a PPC Campaign Audit

Are your paid advertising campaigns looking a little pale? Are you not seeing the return you expected on your investment? If underperforming Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing has you feeling green around the gills, it might be time for a checkup.

We don’t wear white coats, but we are your PPC account audit specialists. With years of experience under our belts, we’ve got the chops to diagnose potential problems, identify missed opportunities and misdirected resources, and prescribe a paid advertising strategy that will have you back in the pink.

A PPC Audit Built to Meet Your Needs

Even the most successful marketing campaigns can do with a little tweaking and revision from time to time, and your PPC marketing is no exception. Like your friendly family physician, our PPC specialists will take the time to examine “the patient” thoroughly, and help you revise your paid search marketing strategy based on our time-tested PPC campaign audit methodology:

  • In-Depth Summary

    Your audit begins with a top-level overview that quickly and concisely identifies opportunities, deficiencies, and areas of potential improvement.

    With access to your Google Analytics, we can review your tracking and conversion data, and gauge the success of any AdWords campaigns you’re running, to ensure you’re garnering the leads you’re aiming for. And if you’re performing any A/B testing, we can review it for accuracy, help you measure results, and run with the winner. By repeating this process across your PPC campaigns, we can help you optimize them and ensure you’ve always got a winning strategy.

  • PPC Campaign Settings Review

    We help you calibrate each of your new and existing campaigns for optimal performance. From ad delivery and rotation to bid, budget, and targeting opportunities, our team can help you design a campaign that compels and converts.

  • Keyword Strategy

    When it comes to PPC, every click counts. Our goal is to help you formulate a keyword strategy that hits all the major marks with surgical precision. We use an extensive toolset to gain insight on competitor activity and uncover potential opportunities to explore for new campaigns. Once we've created a set of target keywords, we'll provide ongoing analysis covering:

    • Quality score optimization
    • Match type optimization
    • Potential duplicate keyword issues
    • Image and text content review
    • Detailed targeting data
    • Keyword selection
    • Remarketing and behavioral targeting opportunities
  • Creative Review

    Is your paid advertising reinforcing your brand and speaking in the voice your audience wants to hear? Let our team guide you with improved messaging, dynamic keyword insertion, and on-brand campaign ads that are downright contagious.

  • Landing Page Review

    As the first thing folks see after clicking on your ad, your landing pages have to be relevant, engaging, and designed to pull visitors further into your sales funnel. We review your landing page copy and design, and help you customize your pages for improved performance, better lead capturing, and more sophisticated error trapping.

  • Opportunity Audit

    Our PPC audit isn’t just about what is (or isn’t!) working now. We also help you identify potential opportunities across other marketing platforms, including social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to drive more incremental business and boost your visibility across channels. We’ll give you suggestions on possible changes to your campaign’s roles, responsibilities, and in-house/outsourcing ratio to help you make the most of your advertising efforts.

You don’t have to settle for underperforming ads and sickly sales.

Give us a shout, and discover how a PPC campaign audit, or a complete PPC account audit, can give a much-needed booster shot to your market penetration, conversions, and ROI.

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