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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Protect your company’s good name with online reputation management services including reputation tracking, positive content, social listening, and more.

Online Reputation Management Services

Protecting Your Good Name: ORM

What’s in a name? Just about everything.

You’ve invested your time, hard work, and capital in building a successful business—and a sterling reputation. But just as social media and the Internet have made it easier than ever to promote your business, they’ve also made it easier for potentially negative publicity and reviews to harm both your brand and your bottom line.

In fact, in today’s digital marketplace, customers are more likely to share a negative experience than a positive one. Online reputation management (ORM), is a set of tactics and strategies used to help protect your good name online through strategic and responsive social media and content marketing.

  • Up with the Good, Down with the Bad

    Thanks to a 24/7 social media cycle and increasingly sophisticated search engine algorithms, a negative review or post with your business name attached can quickly rise to the top of search engine results through shares, reposts, and links.

    While it would be wonderful to have the power to simply delete negative publicity from the Internet forever, the smartest way to counteract that negative publicity is through social listening (i.e., tracking what’s being said about your brand) and the effective and targeted use of optimized, positive content and social media posts.

    The goal is not to remove the negative PR, but to displace it, effectively burying it from the eyes of your current and potential customers. One way we accomplish this is by first building social media profiles for your brand. The next step is to craft content plans designed to build links to those profiles, and help the search engines recognize them as the official sources of information about your brand.

    We begin your ORM with a thorough assessment of your brand’s current online presence and reputation. Using tools such as KnowEm, we’ll help you secure your brand profiles on social media sites, as well as any trademarks, domains, and other intellectual property associated with your brand.

    We’ll also use powerful social listening tools to find out what’s being said about your brand, who’s saying it, and what the context is. This helps us determine the proper combination of proactive and reactive strategies—including disaster recovery and contingency plans.

    Next, it’s time to create content written with SEO best practices in mind in order to boost its authority and ranking—and help it become the “official properties” most closely associated with your brand.

    We help manage your reputation at checkout, too, by encouraging positive shares and reviews from your customers. We employ a number of subscription-based tools to survey customers about their experiences with your products and company. If they report a positive experience, the tool encourages them to share a positive review on several different platforms.

Keep the shame out of your name game!

Protecting your hard-won reputation starts with effective online reputation management services. Get in touch, and learn how our mix of social listening, reputation tracking, and expertly crafted, high-authority content can help protect your brand, and your profitability.

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