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Viral Articles / Sharebait

Viral content is often a happy accident, but it can be fostered through viral content marketing built on creativity and strategy.

Viral Content Marketing

Catchy, Contagious, Compelling: Viral Content

Everyone wants viral content that spreads like wildfire. But without a plan and a thorough understanding of both your audience and your content, you may find your audience distressingly resistant to your particular strain.

While there’s no “magic formula” that guarantees your content will go viral, creating supremely shareable content is possible.

Crafting content that catches the eye and encourages shares doesn’t necessarily have to involve great expense, complex creative efforts, or endless debate with your creative and marketing staff.

Sometimes, the best way to create viral articles, blog posts, infographics, and other content with strong viral potential is simply to start with high quality, SEO-friendly content, with a focus on creative ideation. For example:

  • Timely, relevant subjects that capture the essence of an industry trend or phenomenon
  • Slightly controversial or even silly topics that are still relevant to your audience and provoke strong reactions and social sharing
  • Exceptionally useful or clever content driven by persona development to speak directly to your target audience

  • Social Strategy and Creativity: The Vectors of Viral Content

    Our team of viral content marketing specialists can help you take advantage of the viral nature of social media. By combining our exceptional SEO, analytics, and content marketing services with targeted social media marketing, we’ll craft and promote catchy content that will resonate with your audience and lead to social shares, links, and citations, including:

    • List posts
    • How-to and other instructional content
    • Educational and informative content
    • Resources related to your industry, products, and customer interests
    • News
    • Offbeat and humorous content (if that's your style)

    In addition, we can help you move beyond simply buying or even building links. By crafting viral and shareable content, we can guide you more towards "earning" links, mentions, and citations for your brand.

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