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Public Relations / Press Release Services

Public relations is more important than ever, and can be a big digital boost to your brand. Our press release services will help broaden your reach.

Public Relations and Press Release Services

More Than Just “Mail and Pray:” Public Relations Marketing

We’ve heard it all before. “Public relations? Why would I want to bother with press releases? Shouldn’t I be focusing on real promotion?”

We’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s much more than press release writing at work when you embrace modern public relations marketing.

You might think of PR as outdated in a 24/7/365 digital world, but contemporary PR is necessary precisely because it brings so much of the value associated with traditional public relations marketing.

Today, an effective public relations marketing requires crafting strategies to provide thought leadership both within and outside your organization. Good PR, which includes pitching to targeted media outlets, can bolster your authority with your customers, and help boost the social profiles of your organization’s key members.

Taken together, these strategies provide excellent opportunities for exposure, and can give a boost to your company’s SEO performance.

  • Your Public Relations Marketing Partner

    We love helping companies put their best foot forward, and our team of PR specialists can’t wait to help you gain more exposure for your company. We’ll monitor major publications and pitch your company’s thought leaders as authorities in your vertical, giving both your company and its leaders important exposure across multiple outlets.

    This includes smart social promotion and link building through major social media channels, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), and other services that let us pitch influencers and journalists throughout the mediascape.

  • Press Release Writing

    Did we mention we also write press releases?

    Press releases are still valuable tools, even if they’re no longer a valid “SEO tactic.” Our press release services provide high-quality, relevant, and timely releases pitched to major distributors and important publications. Add in social media marketing, and your message will reach a much broader audience.

    Then we’ll follow up with transparent reporting on distribution performance, both on the outlets picking up your releases and the associated Web traffic generated for your site.

Don’t leave your PR coverage to chance.

Take control and step into the spotlight! Get in touch, and let our public relations marketing team boost your company’s visibility and authority in your vertical with exceptional press release writing and outstanding PR opportunities.

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