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Infographic Design and Promotion

Top-notch infographic design is what makes your content shareable. Smart infographic promotion gets it in shared. Together, they spell success.

Infographic Design Services

Get Shareable and Relevant with Targeted Infographic Design

Some things are just better together.

  • Peanut butter and jelly.
  • Milk and cookies.
  • Polka music and the mute button.
  • And, of course, images and words.

The former may be worth a thousand of the latter, but when you mix the two to create an infographic, it can be worth much more to your business.

You’ve probably been told you “should” be creating infographics. But do you really understand why? Or more importantly, how? Making the most of your infographics requires more than tricks and tactics.

Infographics support your marketing efforts by being informative and useful (or just fun!), rather than directly promotional, but they still need to be well targeted. That’s why professional infographic design services are so important when creating content that’s not just targeted and relevant, but enjoyable and share-worthy.

Before we ever put pen to paper, or hands to keyboard, our infographic design team:

  • Coordinates with our analytics and persona development pros to identify your target audience, their interests, and their preferred channels, platforms, and devices
  • Works with our social listening specialists to identify potential topics for ideation gleaned from user discussions across various social media channels
  • Collaborates with you on ideation, generating potential infographic designs and formats (e.g., static, animated, interactive) based on the information we’ve collected, user profiles, and your goals for promotion

We won’t rest until your infographic is enthusiastic, scholastic, and fantastic (and maybe even a little sarcastic).

  • Your Partner in Effective Infographic Promotion

    Creating a winning infographic is only half the equation, of course. A fantastic and relevant infographic that’s never seen has as little impact and value as one that’s never made.

    We use a combination of social outreach, seeding, and promotion to deliver your infographics to your target audience on the channels they use most.

    These efforts not only enable you to collect more information about how your users interact with your content, but encourage the viral shares, links, and citations that drive traffic back to you and create a measurable return on your investment.

Let’s get visual!

From ideation to fulfillment and reporting, Vizion Interactive is your one-stop infographic design and promotion stop. Get in touch, and let our infographic design services help you inform and entertain your users while creating measurable returns and conversions.

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