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Analytics Review and Reporting

Our Web analytics review reveals opportunities while Web analytics reporting illustrates progress. They work in tandem for improved site performance.

Web Analytics Review and Reporting Services

Meticulous Web Analytics Review for a Complete Picture of Site Performance

You want your website to take customers from point A (initial contact) to point B (a sale, subscription, or other action). But if you’re not collecting and using analytics data, you’re sending your customers through uncharted territory—and it’s easy to get lost in the dark.

We offer a full range of in-depth Web analytics review services designed to help you gather and understand the data generated by the people who visit your site. We start with an assessment of your current goals for your site, and collect the data that affects them, including:

  • Custom analytics dashboards, built with your goals in mind
  • Bounce rates (to identify the strongest pages on your site, as well as pages with room for improvement)
  • Total time on site, as well as time spent per page (to uncover the pages that are drawing the most interest and encouraging visitors to continue moving forward)
  • Sources of referring traffic to your site, as well as their landing pages
  • Conversion Goals and Event tracking (tracking all other user interactions with the site)
  • Performance information related to your traffic driven by your current display ads, product listing ads, and other PPC efforts
  • Ensure your analytics data is "clean" (we can set up and monitor filters to keep visits from your own company out of your data stream)

  • Comprehensive Web Analytics Reporting for In-Depth Understanding of Site Data

    Once we’ve mapped the “big picture” of your site’s traffic and user behavior data, it’s time to identify which areas offer customers a clear path—and which might as well be marked “Here There Be Dragons.”

    As experienced, Google certified specialists, we provide you with ongoing, thorough Web analytics reporting designed to help you sort your data, streamline your visitors’ navigation through the sales funnel, and strategize more effectively for future content and advertising.

    Combining the power of an effective Google Analytics installation with a variety of other data collection tools, we generate reports on the platforms, social media networks, and devices used to access your site.

    We can provide fine-grain segmentation of data to identify your key users and their behaviors, and help you build a strategy that guides them to take the desired actions such as signups, onsite events, and transactions.

Your website doesn’t have to be a trek through the uncharted wilderness for your visitors.

Connect with us, and learn how combining in-depth Web analytics review with sustained, customized Web analytics reporting can help you tighten your sales funnel and encourage goal-driven onsite behaviors with well segmented traffic and visitor data.

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