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Analytics Services

You need analytics to measure your site’s key performance indicators. Without website analytics, you may miss opportunities for greater conversions.

Gain Insight on Your Site with Web Analytics

Charting a successful course through the treacherous seas of the Internet requires an intrepid spirit and more than a little persistence. And to avoid foundering on the rocks of failure, you also need research and analysis of your target market and their interactions with your website.

A well designed website analytics configuration lets you see how users experience and interact with your site and its content. Analytics provide user metrics such as total time spent on site, pages viewed per visit, first time vs. repeat visitors, and demographics. Other metrics measure incoming traffic sources, keyword referrals (when provided), where users land, and their points of exit.

All this data will give you insight on user behavior, website performance, and can identify potential obstacles to conversion.

Your Guide Through Stormy Seas

We’ve been navigating these waters a long time. We’re a Google-Certified partner, and our Web analytics team can get you the information you need to understand what’s working on your site, what opportunities you may be missing, and the changes you need to make to bring in more traffic and make more sales.

Why choose the the S.S. Vizion for your analytics adventure? Take a look, matey:

  • New to Web analytics?

    Our specialists will work with you to perform an analytics review. Using multiple tools to measure and baseline your site’s key performance indicators, we’ll help you pinpoint potential roadblocks to conversion. We’ll explain the processes we use, and help you make the necessary changes that will help improve your site’s performance.

  • More of a DIY type?

    We’ll help you with Google Analytics installation to ensure you’re collecting all the information you need to attract the right traffic, improve user experience, and encourage more sales.

Hoist the mainsail!

Do you seek in-depth analytics and high-quality insights that will help you catch more conversions in your nets? Get in touch, and let our crew show you how ship-shape Web analytics can reveal the information you need to improve your site’s architecture and user experience while guiding customers toward the sale.

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