Need some UK citations for local search? We have those too.

The last time we talked about local citations, we chatted only about the US. So, to be fair, we wanted to look at what UK citation sources exist. Like the US version, there have been many “top 10” or “50 of the best citations” lists for the UK.  However, unlike the US spreadsheet, which had almost 300 sites, the UK list has nearly 500 sites. (There are some sites from the US list represented on the UK list because those sites accept UK as well.) Nevertheless, there are plenty of UK-specific places.

Like the US list, this spreadsheet will let you know: (1) if the site is still live or redirects elsewhere; (2) if it’s paid; and (3) if it’s industry specific. But enough chit chat, here’s the spreadsheet:

We’d like to thank the following sources we used to help compile this information:

Need some UK citations for local search? We have those too.” Comment

  1. […] Over 300 sites?! Really?! Yes, but they aren’t all active. Some of these sites aren’t active anymore, some of them now require a fee and some have broken form fields or are industry specific.  So not only did we gather them and remove duplicates but we updated if they are paid or not, what industry and for our UK friends we noted which accept UK sites (by the way UK pals, we’re working on a post just for you guys). […]

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