Internet Marketing Link Roundup [8/8/14]

Competitive Analysis for Panda Using SEMrush
“Great process including a must have tool!”

I See Content Everywhere – Whiteboard Friday
“Content is King and will be for the foreseeable future. Learn that it is everywhere!”

SEO Industry Tweets Its Reactions To Google’s SSL Ranking Boost
“Hear about the latest update? Curious what others are saying? You’ll get a good chuckle out of it.”

How To Do A Link Audit For Your Own Company
“Good write up of what a link audit should include and look like.”

21 High Performance Best Practices for Speeding up your Website
“Jey Pandian has created an amazing list of tips for speeding up your site. Read it, bookmark it, implement everything listed. “

Social Media Copy: How to “Convert”
“Tips for writing social media content that converts into clicks.”

How Marketing Personas Help You Find New Content Ideas
“Research your user personas so you can generate useful, compelling content on your blog that attracts the right visitors, converts them into loyal followers and repeat customers.”

What Makes Content Shareable & Why It Matters for SEO
“Taking the time to create valuable, shareable content for your business is one of the best long-term lead generation strategies you can pursue. Here are some tips to make content sharable.”

The Top 7 SEO Web Design Methods to Increase Visibility
“When it comes to search engine optimization, the companies that achieve the greatest success are those that combine technological know-how with content wordsmithing. Here are some SEO web design methods to increase visibility.”

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