Internet Marketing Link Roundup [8/1/14]

Experts Weigh In On Google’s “Pigeon” Update Aimed At Improving Local Search Results
“Still scratching your head about Pigeon? Don’t.”
How do I tell if my site is at risk of a penalty?
“Ever wondered if your site was a risk for a penalty?  Check out this guide if you have.”
A 6-Step Guide for Repurposing Content
“Ever looked at your site and thought how can I reuse what I have already written? This piece explains some ways you can.”
Run Your Established SEO Like PPC & Maximise ROI Long-Term
“Great advice on how to have the right mindset in your SEO strategy.”
Google Analytics Helps You Filter Spider and Bot Traffic
“Short but important advice to remind us that it isn’t just about filtering internal traffic from your analytics profile.”
The Return of “Barnacle SEO” and Why It’s Perfect for Small Businesses
“Small business owners know how difficult it can be to rank over large companies.  Barnacle SEO is an inexpensive strategy for smaller businesses operating on a limited budget.”
Using Modern SEO to Build Brand Authority
“SEO can be a tremendous help to your online branding efforts. Likewise, branding can be a tremendous help to your SEO efforts. Here is a guide to using modern SEO to build brand authority.”
Solutions For Responsive Images [Responsive Design]
“As technology advances, your company website must also change to meet the expectations of the customer. Here a few solutions for responsive design that will give your customers satisfaction, increase traffic and conversions.”
International SEO is a Huge Opportunity For Marketers: Interview With Eli Schwartz
“There is a massive opportunity to get traffic and conversions internationally — even if you don’t really have global products. Take advantage of these opportunities by optimizing your content for what people actually search for in various languages and countries.”

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