Internet Marketing Link Roundup [7/3/14]

How to Track the Success of Your Email Campaign in Google Analytics

“When launching an e-mail campaign, Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool to gauge its success and help to pinpoint where it needs to be improved.” – Gary Huhn

Think Your Yelp Profile isn’t Important? Think Again!

“Learn some helpful tips and tricks in creating, managing and optimizing your Yelp profile, and learn how a well-developed Yelp profile can help your business succeed.” – Gary Huhn

Backlink Monitoring Procedures: A Case Study

“If you’ve ever done any link removal and wanted to keep a close eye on what links are coming in to your site, this is a great read.” – Joshua Titsworth

Beyond SEO: Googlebot Optimization

“How well can Googlebot crawl your site?” – Joshua Titsworth

Google Hooks up with Aisle411 to Map Stores

“Ever gone into a store for the first time and have issues getting around? A new app is on the horizon to alleviate that.” – Joshua Titsworth

6 Ways to Make Your Search Results Shine

“Remember, the more you give to your search results the better you are making your true first impression to site users!” – Josh McCoy

‘What the Experts Say’: What’s Changed after Panda 4.0?

“Great after-action review of Panda 4.0 by our industry’s thought leaders!” – Josh McCoy