Internet Marketing Link Roundup [7/3/14]

How to Track the Success of Your Email Campaign in Google Analytics
“When launching an e-mail campaign, Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool to gauge its success and help to pinpoint where it needs to be improved.”

Think Your Yelp Profile isn’t Important? Think Again!
“Learn some helpful tips and tricks in creating, managing and optimizing your Yelp profile, and learn how a well-developed Yelp profile can help your business succeed.”

Backlink Monitoring Procedures: A Case Study
“If you’ve ever done any link removal and wanted to keep a close eye on what links are coming in to your site, this is a great read.”

Beyond SEO: Googlebot Optimization
“How well can Googlebot crawl your site?”

Google Hooks up with Aisle411 to Map Stores
“Ever gone into a store for the first time and have issues getting around? A new app is on the horizon to alleviate that.”

6 Ways to Make Your Search Results Shine
“Remember, the more you give to your search results the better you are making your true first impression to site users!”

‘What the Experts Say’: What’s Changed after Panda 4.0?
“Great after-action review of Panda 4.0 by our industry’s thought leaders!”