Internet Marketing Link Roundup [7/11/14]

Link Building Tips to Amplify Your SEO

“A few simple but powerful ways to amplify your link building efforts.” – Joshua Titsworth

Why Mobile Matters – Now

“Still dragging your feet on mobile? Great read on why you shouldn’t be.” – Joshua Titsworth

Content Alone Can’t Build Links

“Did you build great content to get links? Great, but it’s not enough.” – Joshua Titsworth

An Introductory Guide to Cross Channel Remarketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google

“An introductory guide to focusing on the different ways you can use online advertising to build your brand and become a top-of-mind choice for your customers.” – Gary Huhn

Learn How to “Make Conversation Happen” From Benj Arriola: A #SEOSummit Recap

“How can a brand make conversions happen through SEO? By putting user intent into consideration.” – Gary Huhn

Mobile Site Configuration 101: How to Choose

“Mobile is about creating a great experience for your audience, anticipating needs, and delivering on that with stellar content. Here is a guide to mobile site configuration.” – Gary Huhn

Mobile Now Exceeds PC: The Biggest Shift Since the Internet Began

“For the first time in history, mobile exceeds PC internet usage. Embrace this shift in behavior for a competitive advantage.” – Josh McCoy

Advanced Local Citation Audit & Clean Up: Achieve Consistent Data & Higher Rankings

“This is a great, in-depth guide to consistent and correct citations.” – Josh McCoy