Internet Marketing Link Roundup [6/27/14]

Forget Big Content – Small Content is Critical to Search Success

“Mix up your content with big and small posts for critical search success.” – Gary Huhn

7 outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

“Content marketing is now a required component of SEO and it works by engaging new and existing audiences, and encouraging sharing. Here are 7 content marketing tips for small businesses.” – Gary Huhn

Why and How to Maximize Your Content Shareability

“Maximize your content shareability to focus on building awareness for your site so you become known as a leader in your industry. Create connections with influencers and become a known voice in your niche.” – Gary Huhn

Google to Remove Author Images from Search Results

“Seriously Google? After we spent all that time implementing authorship!” – Josh McCoy

How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaign

“Great visual education on the ROI of SEO from Neil Patel!” – Josh McCoy

Is Your Content Credible Enough to Share?

“A good guide to establishing content credibility.” – Joshua Titsworth

How to Protect Your Brands Identity

“Some important information in this article that explains how to develop and protect your small business’ brand identity.” – Joshua Titsworth