Internet Marketing Link Roundup [6/13/14]

The Hidden Power of Nofollow Links
“Are you so caught up with just getting followed links? Give this a read.” – Joshua Titsworth


What Are the Top 10 SEO Issues Impacting Your Site?

“SEM Rush continues their list of SEO issues sites are still struggling with today.” – Joshua Titsworth


3 Ways to Get Customers Talking about You

“Do you understand what it takes to get your consumers to share information about your business? Here are 3 ways to get customers talking about you.” – Gary Huhn


Multilingual Websites: Benefits and Best Practices

“People prefer to make purchases when browsing the web in their native tongue. Here are some benefits and best practices to optimize multilingual websites.” – Gary Huhn


SEO is a Partnership, Not a Solo Endeavor

“No amount of SEO can make a business successful if there isn’t a business there to begin with. SEO is a partnership, not a solo endeavor.” – Gary Huhn


New “Google My Business” Simplifies Local Marketing for SMBs

“How “Google My Business” helps simplify local marketing for SMBs including an informative video from Google on the change.” – Gary Huhn


Panda 4.0: Redefining Site Authority

“Is Google getting better at distinguishing true authority?” – Josh McCoy


Quick Internal Linking Insight Using Google Analytics

“Good Stuff! Remember, it’s not just about inbound links, but internal link considerations as well!” – Josh McCoy