Internet Marketing Link Roundup [5/2/14]

Free Local SEO Education for Businesses on a Shoestring Budget
“Invest the time to learn how to get your local business off to a great start with this Free Local SEO education guide.”

Conversion Rate Optimization (#CRO) for Lead Generation Websites
“Tips to help increase new business via conversion rate optimization for lead generation websites.”

Google’s Matt Cutts Loses His Body to Stress Importance of Body Content to Search Engines
“The importance of body copy for search engines.”

The Head of Matt Cutts Tells Us the Body is Important too
“Straight from the source, the body is still one of the most neglected areas of a page.”

How to Prepare for Your Content Audit
“Content is still the building block of SEO and this is a great plan, especially competitive content gap analysis.”

Scalable Link Building Campaigns, Processes & Workflow
“It’s a long read, but it’s very detailed and is full of good, actionable information.”

How to Get SEO ROI from Content Marketing
“This is an amazing slide deck from Ross Hudgens. If you’ve ever wondered how to measure ROI in SEO, this explains how.”

Twitter Header Update
“Did you get the new Twitter layout yet? If so, you’ll need this.”

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