Internet Marketing Link Roundup [5/16/14]

During Link Cleanup, Don’t Forget Links to Redirected Domain Names

“In the process of cleaning up dirty links? Don’t forget about those that have been redirected.” –Joshua Titsworth


5 Myths About Social Media Marketing

“Think you really know social media? Make sure to check these out to see if you’ve fallen to believing in a myth.” –Joshua Titsworth


Less Is More When Writing for Landing Pages

“Users are looking for concise information that can be instrumental in helping them to complete their task.” –Gary Huhn


How Youtube Remarketing is Making the World a Better Place

“Remarketing is a good approach for targeting users who visited your YouTube channel or watched videos, but for some reason didn’t convert. Here is a list of benefits of YouTube remarketing.” –Gary Huhn


How to Best Optimize Your Content Strategy

“How to Best Optimize Your Content Strategy? Start by laying out the foundation and creating a clear structure on which you must build. Here are three steps towards a successful content strategy.” –Gary Huhn


Google Webmaster Tools: An Overview

“Simon Heseltine has provided his annual, always helpful guide to Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t rely on GWT, you need to.” –Josh McCoy


How to Generate Traffic and Kickstart Content Marketing for a Brand New Website

“Great tips on content marketing for a new site!” –Josh McCoy