Internet Marketing Link Roundup [4/4/14]

Local Landing Pages: A Guide To Great Implementation In Every Situation
“Looking to improve your landing pages for local search? Use this guide.”
Automating and Visualizing Data from Google Webmaster Tools
“Who doesn’t love visualizing data? This is a great piece on making the information in GWT actionable.”
Slides from the IA Summit 2014
“This is a MUST read. Be careful though, taking in this information is like drinking water from a fire hydrant.”
Marketing Personas: The Complete Beginner’s Guide
“Writing content for various personas can result in conversion increases. Here is a guide to creating marketing personas.”
Why Content Marketers Should Step Back From Creation and Focus On Strategy
“When it comes to crafting content, step back from the creation and focus on an overall marketing strategy.”
4 UX Tips That Will Improve Your Content Strategy
“With a focused UX content strategy you’ll see better engagement from your users. Here are 4 UX tips that will improve your content strategy.”
Rank with Your Images: 4 Ways to Make Your Images SEO Friendly
“SEO is the process of increasing your website’s visibility to search engines. Here are 4 ways to rank with your images.”

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