Internet Marketing Link Roundup [4/11/14]

Google: Our Algorithms Picked up on Your Keyword Stuffed Page

“Interesting, the basics of SEO still ring true today!” –Josh McCoy



Study: 78% of Local Mobile Searches Result in Offline Purchases

“Local and Mobile can drive sales/leads online but also do the same offline!” –Josh McCoy



SEO for Ecommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

“Not a blog post, but a great slide deck on Ecommerce SEO.” –Joshua Titsworth



The Linking Dilemma: Google Has Left a Giant Mess for Us All

“Julie Joyce digs into link penalties, toxic links and the havoc Google has left for SEOs in the link building game.” –Joshua Titsworth



How to Get More Twitter Followers without Even Trying

“Do you or your client need more followers on Twitter? Here’s a good list of some things to do.” –Joshua Titsworth



20+ Awesome Ways to Get More Followers for Your Google+ Business Page

“By building your brand through Google+, you will be able to boost your SEO efforts and increase your business’ online exposure. Here is a list of 20 ways to get more followers to your G+ business page.” –Gary Huhn



73% Lose Trust in Brands Due to Inaccurate Local Business Listings [Survey]

“Check your local listings for accuracy. 73% of people lose trust in brands due to inaccurate local business listings.” –Gary Huhn



How Schema Helps Your SEO Campaign

“Using Schema will get you more clicks even if your website isn’t necessarily at the top of search results. Here’s a guide on how schema helps your SEO campaign.” –Gary Huhn



Creating Content is Bigger than Just SEO

“Creating content is bigger than just SEO. Craft content that engages users while also informing their queries and searches.” –Gary Huhn