Internet Marketing Link Roundup [3/7/14]

19 Technical SEO Considerations You Should Look at Today
“Some of these are basic, some aren’t. Either way, it’s a good list to keep on hand.”

Set Majestic Up Your Way
“SQUEEEEEEE…I mean, *ahem* Majestic now allows you to customize it YOUR way. Talk about putting the customer first.”

Why Spending Big On Extraordinary Content Marketing Is A Good Bet
“This is a bit self-promotional, as I wrote it, but this is a good article on the true costs of GOOD content development.”

What Can You Learn From Looking at The Data of Over 2.2 Million Email Campaigns?
“Great email campaign tips learned from a lot of experience.”

Using Psychological Framing Can Make You a Better Marketer and Manager
“I always find psychology’s huge importance in marketing absolutely fascinating and so should you!”

“For those for days when Google drives you nuts!”

Creating Content For Your Users That Will Also Get You Links
“A few good tips on content marketing.” –Josh McCoy

30% of Ecommerce Site Traffic Came from Mobile in 2013 [Study]
“Is your mobile Web site performing up to par? A study was conducted and found that 30% of Ecommerce site traffic came from mobile in 2013.”

Brief Guide: How to Optimize Youtube Videos for Google Search and Improve Leads
“Ever wonder how to optimize your videos? Here is a brief guide on how to optimize YouTube videos for Google search.”

An 8-Step Process to Writing Blog Posts that Don’t Suck
“Having difficulties while writing blog posts? Here’s an 8 step process for crafting blog posts that are engaging.”

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