Internet Marketing Link Roundup [3/14/14]

Yes, Google Does Have & Use Author Rank; Specifically within In-Depth Articles

“Yet another reason why Google+ should be a part of your SEO strategy!” –Josh McCoy


Google’s Search Results Ditch the Underlined Links, Increase the Font Size & More in New “Experiment”

“What are your thoughts on the new Google SERP display?” –Josh McCoy


Google Working on a Softer & Gentler Panda Algorithm to Help Small Businesses

“Finally, some love for small businesses!” –Josh McCoy


Local Search Forum on Webmaster World

“A great list of local items to keep in mind for any local businesses getting involved in search.” –Joshua Titsworth


5 Unexpected Link Prospected Tools, and How to Use Them

“Need some more resources to mine for link opportunities? Here are a few you might have not used before.” –Joshua Titsworth


How Personalizing Websites with Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

“A how to guide on personalizing whatever content that allows you the opportunity to connect with your potential customers on a more personal and in-depth level. The result is higher conversions and ROI.” –Gary Huhn


Keep Visitors Coming Back

“Keep users coming back to your site by giving them something on each visit that creates a habit forming pulse to ensure daily/weekly visits.” –Gary Huhn


Five Types of Winning Marketing Content

“Not sure which type of content you should produce? Here are five types of winning marketing content.” –Gary Huhn


Viewers Say Online Product Videos Boost Purchase Likelihood

“Thinking about incorporating videos into your site? You should.” –Gary Huhn