Internet Marketing Link Roundup [2/21/14]

Google Didn’t Want Us To Use The Keyword Planner This Way. But It Works Nicely.

“It’s not often that people blog about alternative ways to use common tools so this was a good post that thought outside the box about using Google’s Keyword Planner tool.” –Jordan Kasteler

The Attributes of Usability and How to Exploit Them

“It’s high-time SEOs learn more about usability for Internet marketing purposes. There’s a great recap of various usability attributes here.” –Jordan Kasteler

The Number One Thing PPC Consultants Should Be Doing To Retain Clients

“While focused on PPC, this article is a good reminder to all consultants on how to provide value to a client.” –Jordan Kasteler

Content Strategy Gets Tactical: Establishing The Content Workflow

“Your first steps in putting together a content strategy include determining the goals, developing personas, analyzing content needs, and designating someone to serve in a leadership capacity.” –Gary Huhn

Your Web Visitor’s Just Not That Into You: 7 Lead Generation Mishaps

“Setting up your website to generate leads takes knowledge, strategy, planning and work. Stay away from these 7 lead generation mishaps.” –Gary Huhn

Lessons From Google on Optimizing Your SEO

“The easiest part of SEO is simply looking at what Google wants, duh!” –Josh McCoy

Signs of More Google Algorithm Updates Early This Week

“The Google algorithm is heating up again, oh wait, we do this every Spring!” –Josh McCoy

How Marketing on Vine Can Help Your Business

“Great write up on using Vine properly to reach out to potential customers.” -Joshua Titsworth

How To Think Up a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Topics in an Hour

“Having trouble coming up with some blog posts for your site? This one should help out nicely.” -Joshua Titsworth