Internet Marketing Link Roundup [1/3/14]

“This is a great reminder to explore different attribution models for different client goals to show the true value of marketing channels.” -Jordan Kasteler


“This tutorial teaches how to set up custom variables to track data passed through a Google parameter.” –Jordan Kasteler


“From one of the link-building greats in our industry, here is the simple direction you need to take in link-building. Don’t get burnt like so many others have over the past few years regarding link-building.” –Josh McCoy


“A simple reminder that sometimes it’s the small things that can hang up crawler indexation.” –Josh McCoy


“Are we on the verge of something big as it relates to Google’s grading of our links?” –Josh McCoy


“A good list of items for any developer to check for when working on a site.” –Joshua Titsworth


“A VERY comprehensive round up of some amazing link building material from 2013.” –Joshua Titsworth


“An excellent round up of what some talented SEOs are looking for in the New Year.” –Joshua Titsworth


“I thought this was a pretty cool addition to Vine.  If we all remember, Instagram was not as popular until they released their web version.  Interested to see where Vine goes from here.” –Dario Ruff


“This article is very interesting as it explains how your brand should answer a question or solve a problem.” –Dario Ruff