Internet Marketing Link Roundup [12/20/13]

“This article speaks about how companies feel there is a lack of cause and effect data from their SEO programs.  The article speaks to the shift from keywords as the driver for content optimization and creation and how the focus is now on answering customer questions along the sales cycle.” – Dario Ruff

“There are some great resources here that you can import into Google Analytics to start reporting on right away.” – Jordan Kasteler

“Not the usual SEO for 2014 post.” – Joshua Titsworth

“From global drama to popular culture, this year’s top searches were as broad as they always are but interesting to say the least.” – Josh McCoy

“I like this article as it’s a year in review type article, with predictions on the upcoming year.  There are also comments from different blogs, companies and industry influencers.” – Dario Ruff

“Some great tips for optimizing for conversions. While it’s written for ecommerce sites there are general principles in here to gleam for all sites.” – Jordan Kasteler

“Do you have a named entity strategy for marketing your web site?” – Joshua Titsworth

“Are you a brick-and-mortar? Remember what you do in Local SEO will be what helps drive customers to your locations” – Josh McCoy

“There’s some great tips in here to getting PR and contacting media outlets that I’ve added to my to-do list.” – Jordan Kasteler

“Nifty infographic on succeeding with email marketing campaigns.” – Joshua Titsworth

-Mark Jackson

  • Inspavo Consultancy

    Internet Marketing indeed an essence of healthy business.

  • Samseo

    Ya i could say Internet marketing is one which helps the business to grow.And it is an essence to build ones business in a healthy way with more profit