The organization of your website’s content and web pages plays an important role in search engine access, indexation, comprehension of information context, and user experience. In many industries and topic areas, standardized and logical taxonomies are publicly available—and when applied properly, they can be used as a component of your website’s information architecture. What Is Taxonomy? Taxonomy is the science of classification. While this may recall sessions of introductory biology, it goes beyond the classification of living things. When applied to information, taxonomy is most simply described as classification according to a predetermined system. The precise and deliberate organization of content eases information retrieval and informs contextual relationships between entities. Let’s look at an example before I lose ya in this jargon. Example Taxonomy: ICD-10 The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services provides classification and coding of heal…Read entire entry »

Occasionally, a company needs to scrap its old web design completely in favor of a fresh start. While many companies dread this process, it does not have to turn into a logistical nightmare. Step-by-step planning, organization, and patience can improve development and launch the success of a new website. When Should I Redesign My Website? For many years, web designers extoled the benefits of a complete redesign every few years. The idea was that a new website would help a company seem more current and creative. However, many websites today use flexible design principles. Consider a full website redesign if you plan to make a major change. You may want to commit to a complete rede…Read entire entry »

Thinking about buying a used domain? You better stop and do some research first. But before I go any further, take a gander at this: We all know you can’t “reset the SEO” on a site but the question is still valid (though maybe not on a $5,000 spammed domain). Is it in the index? Seems like a duh statement right? Well, it is. Cutts' video shows us the easiest, simplest way to check if a site is in Google’s index. And since we’re talking about used domains, unless they removed it via the robots.txt file there should still be some pages left. It’s a good sign to at least find something.  Even if it’s just a one page offering the domain up for sale, that means the site hasn’t been manually removed by Google from their index. Who had the site before the current seller? …Read entire entry »

404 errors, dead pages, bad links, whatever you like to call them are a great way to increase your bounce rate, decrease your online revenues and make you look sloppy. This form of conversion suicide can be corrected by monitoring your site well to make sure that you are not contributing to the probability of your site rendering 404 errors or that others on the web are not properly linking to your site. Not ensuring that all site pages are linked correctly and redirected appropriately is like waving good bye to site visitors. There are a couple reasons why your site may have 404 errors evolving from server requests. This can include a URL rewrite where folders may have changed yet certain internal pages didn’t make the re…Read entire entry »

I am pretty certain that after reading the title of this post that you thought about the speed of your site but couldn’t pin it to a precise number because it is a metric you never worry about.  Well, it is time to start paying attention to this site metric, because it may be a factor in your rankings in Google in 2010. Google recently announced a new experimental feature in Google Webmaster Tools that will allow you to see your average site load time.  Google will analyze your site load time as compared to other sites on the Internet, using data gathered via the Google Toolbar.  Google then shows so…Read entire entry »

This week I got to analyze PPC landing pages with a client and I had an absolute blast. There were two pages that stuck out from the others. Both pages were very similar in content. One was a little more serious and had somewhat negative content as a deterrent for unqualified leads. The other page was more open and friendly. They both had the exact same call to action. The interesting fact is that the page with the more negative content is outperforming the other page. The page designs are only slightly different; the negative page has bolded bullets. Always remember that the page you think will perform the best may not always be what your searching audience is looking for and sometimes the only difference is one slight change. I had a client once that was getting tons of hits but no conversions. All we did was simply change out the stock picture on that page from a man on a phone to a woman on a phone and the lead forms poured in. One small change can have a very different effec…Read entire entry »

Attendees to learn how to use WordPress as a Content Management System Dallas, Texas -- WordPress Plugin developer Scott Kingsley Clark of Vizion Interactive ( will present "WordPress as a CMS: How to Unleash the Dragon" at the WordCamp Dallas 2009 conference to be held on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28, 2009 at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, Texas. Mr. Clark has been a strong proponent of utilizing WordPress as a content management system for many years. Along with his beliefs, Mr. Clark has been an active contributor in the WordPress community, providing many free, useful and helpful plug-ins for others who are using WordPress. …Read entire entry »

Ask yourself these questions and the answers just might save you thousands per month on Server costs! What type of hosting is available? Usually, web hosts offer these types of hosting packages: Shared Hosting - You are hosted on a server with other websites, like people on a bus (depending on your host, you shouldn't be too cramped!). Reseller Hosting - You are hosted on a server with other websites, but you have the ability to resell your space or more easily manage…Read entire entry »

Most people are aware that they'd like their website to be accessible regardless of whether a visitor types in the WWW prefix or not, but they usually don't think to check whether or not an appropriate 301 redirect is setup to enable this. In today's post, I will explain why paying attention to such details is important, and how you can bolster your SEO campaign by ensuring consistency in this area. In brief, most website home pages are accessible through several "different" URLS. For example: Because of this, search engines may not always treat each "different" URL as being the same page. In fact, Google (according to Matt Cutt) has reason NOT to equate all variations because there are websites out there that intentionally ha…Read entire entry »

The wait is over! After months of discussion and pausing the project to serve our clients, Vizion Interactive has launched what is essentially a new website. The content has been updated (no, we didn't write all the site content in one night this time), we're sporting a new look and feel, and the purple monster has been retired. Some of us will mourn the loss of all things purple more than others (sorry Charles), but it was time to rebrand. It is true that a different shade of purple could have looked presentable, but we hope to lead the Texas Rangers by example by blowing the whole thing up and starting over. Watch them start winning now, just to make me look bad. Looking back, we're all a bit amazed by the success we had during the reign of the purple beast. It is a testament to the power of long-term relationships and a solid reputation. Who knows? With the new design and some regular blog posting, we might find ourselves meeting a whole new client demographic! Despite the fac…Read entire entry »