There is a lot of talk about how video will perform in 2017 and in the coming years. Video has taken enormous strides in the last few years, with dozens of impressive statistics that prove its massive influence on content across virtually every platform. Data shows that including video on a landing page increases conversion rates by about 80%. A whopping 90% of users say that product videos help the decision-making process. These are just two examples of the incredible success of video content for marketing. As companies begin a brand new year, it’s important that they keep up with how video is shaping the future. Live Video Will Become King If there’s one word that defines the Digital Era,…Read entire entry »

We’ve all had that one client who came to us for link building that was in an industry that made us go “really, people make that?” What we were really thinking was, “how can we promote this?” Truth be told it takes more than just getting creative. Get creative and get the client involved Don’t get me wrong, creativity is a huge part of the process. My buddy Don Rhodes dropped some creative knowledge my way on building links for lawyers, which is not only dull at times but pretty tough (one of the toughest niches according to him). The biggest thing he did that stood out to me is he got the lawyers involved in the process. But it just wasn’t about, “hey we need you to do this for links;” it was “If we can do x, we’ll get you some good publicity and some good links.” I’ll admit he covered a few link tactics you should be doing anyway, such as alumni sites and charities. But if anything those should just be starting points to help get th…Read entire entry »

If you have not taken advantage of the fastest growing marketing method today, there is no better time than now.  Social media marketing can seem overwhelming and even a bit abstract if you are unsure of where to start and what to do.  But more and more statics are showing the explosive growth of social media marketing for businesses.  This cannot be ignored and can indicate only one thing:  It works. The key is choosing which platforms support your goals and house your target audience – and keeping up with managing your campaigns correctly.  From blogs to communities on Facebook and LinkedIn to video sharing on YouTube to micro-blogging on Twitter to photo sharing on Flickr to social reviews on sites like Yelp, the key is to only utilize and maintain what works for your business goals.  It’s not about being everywhere.  It’s about being where the conversations about your brand, products and/or services are taking place and engaging in those conversations yourself. …Read entire entry »

Most of us are familiar with just how viral YouTube videos can be.  From funny to risqué to talent-focused and everything else imaginable, just the right format can cause a YouTube video to be shared with millions, world-wide.  Each and every one of us has both received as well as forwarded YouTube videos we felt worthy to be shared.  So what defines worthiness?  Let’s look at the Orabrush story and decipher. Orabrush Origins Orabrush was created by Dr. Bob Wagstaff, who was 75 at the time.  In order to get consumers aware of and buying his product, he first spent tons of money on traditional advertising and trying to reach out to stores himself, all to no avail.  Frustrated and now with minimal funds, he then turned to Brigham Young University (BYU) …Read entire entry »