It's Tool Tip Tuesday, and what more exciting tips than the ones straight from the folks at Google themselves? I recently wrote a piece for Search Engine Journal looking back at Google's Vince update and thought I'd share it with you today. Feel free to share your comments below! There is little more exciting than the release of an algorithm update from Google. This dramatic story commonly begins with chatter among SEO professionals over ranking fluctuations, a message announcement from Google, a collective freak-out from the search community, followed by deep data dives and a communal conversation on why Google has again seemed to shake up the search landscape. Nonetheless, it allows us to reflect years later and review why the algorithmic update happened. Did we see it coming? How did it ch…Read entire entry »

Time really is money, and if 2017 is a dollar, we’re down to our last quarter. That’s a little joke for the planners out there, but the truth is, we’re running out of year–and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be spending the commercial currency we call 2018. If you haven’t put together a serious marketing budget for next year, now’s the time. Like a lot of marketers, you probably have dreams and goals for not just your department, but your company as a whole. Penetrating new markets. Leveraging trends. Putting your money where it will generate not just leads, but customers. The marketplace is constantly evolving; today’s hot channel is tomorrow’s abandoned curiosity. So how do you set up a marketing plan, and a budget to support it,that will help …Read entire entry »

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be what sinks or floats the “ship” of a modern web-based business. SEO is at the heart of what allows a brand to thrive in an age that places such great importance on the web. The SEO consulting services you choose can make all the difference in your company’s success. Choosing between an individual contractor and an established agency can be difficult, especially if both appear to have attractive benefits. Here’s a look at some of the greatest differences you’ll find between the two. The Differences Between an SEO Consultant and SEO Agency The first step in making your choice is recognizing what makes an agency, an agency. SEO agencies use colla…Read entire entry »

When it comes to SEO and websites in general, there are a million and one tools that everyone says should be a “must-use”, especially those companies that build said tools.  Some tools cost ridiculous amounts of money and just generate “pretty looking” reports and dashboards while others just regurgitate data from another source into a different layout that is “executive friendly” or more “presentation ready”.  That is one thing I really like about working here at Vizion Interactive. We, as an independent agency, are constantly testing, exploring and re-testing various tools across our organization.  Given we all have robust experience (minimum of 7+ years), often with slightly different concentrations, we also get a diverse view of any tools we use from our internal reviews. …Read entire entry »

One might think that a quick review of your top Organic Search landing pages will show you your most important site pages . Well, they are — sort of. For the time being, they are your most important Organic traffic driving pages A better question to ask youerself is, are they your richest pages? Do they provide you with your greatest traffic and conversion potential? Simply looking at your best performers to date is very much a “bump-along” approach to understanding Organic performance. With a little help from Google Search Console and SEMRush we can quickly assess the pages of our site that we need to nurture as they will be the ones that take us to the next step. A quick walk through analytics tells me that these are my most important pages: …Read entire entry »

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you’ll most likely run into impatient digital marketers more often than patient ones. In the race to be the best, it can be difficult to take your time with a content marketing strategy or campaign. The most effective digital marketers are those who can meet the pace of a demanding workplace and spend time on the details. Impatient marketers can run themselves into the ground, yet still see poor returns on investment (ROI). Understanding the pitfalls of an impatient marketer can help you avoid becoming one. Poor Time Management Impatient digital marketers don’t prioritize time management. Digital marketers must split their time among projects and campaigns and answer to many people on a team. In the marketing industry, time is money – wasted time ca…Read entire entry »

Often the tools we use here at Vizion Interactive come out with new tools and/or new options for looking into things.  Occasionally, the new addition becomes something that stands out and catches the attention of multiple people on our team of experienced Content, SEO and Paid Search experts.  The Content Gap tool under Ahrefs Site Explorer section has emerged as one of those stand-outs.  To provide a little introduction to this, I’ll let the Ahrefs team do that below in this under 3-minute video: That video touches on 3 new tools that were added at the same time and the Content Gap was one of those, but was the biggest stand-out for us.  We began playing with it almost as soon as it was released and figuring out how to best incorporate it into our processes for Content Au…Read entire entry »

How well do you really know your target audience? Do you know them or do you just think you do? Most of us, marketers included, can be guilty at times of trusting our instincts a little too much, and while instincts can be great, sometimes they can be misleading. So how do you test your instincts when it comes to knowing your target audience? Today’s Tool Tip Tuesday will show you how to do just that! Discover what questions and queries your target audience is asking Google with an insightful tool called You probably already have personas that you built using market research, consumer surveys, social listening, and more, but imagine a tool that can essentially spit out what your audience is asking Google right now. I’m sure you’re already familiar with Google and Bing’s auto suggest function, which is great for coming up with content ideas. Just start typing and see what pops up: …Read entire entry »

Digital Marketing is ever-changing. That's why we love it, right? Luckily, so are the tools and resources available to us. In each area of this business, whether it's email marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization, or any other channel, we're wise to revisit our usual toolset and review the landscape. Keyword research is one area that’s abundant with sophisticated free and paid tools. Let’s take a glance at my current favorites. SEMrush If you do digital marketing for a living, you're probably already using SEMrush. This tool is an excellent one-stop resource for gathering mountains of keyword ideas. While the free version is fun, you're not taking advantage of the tool's greatest feature - the sheer volume that you can export. Spring for the paid version if you can swing it. To get started, input a seed phrase - we’ll use “information age” - into the phrase overview report, and you’re off to the races. …Read entire entry »

Ahrefs is probably one of my favorite tools to use for link building. It provides great data and has some of the freshest information available. I use this tool, as well as some others when auditing clients and their competition. One aspect of the tool, which I’m covering today is the “Link Intersect”. This section of Ahrefs allows you to see the links that a list of sites have in common, that one does not. The results allow you to sort by the Domain Rating (DR) as well as by Ahrefs Rank. You’re also able to see how many times these sites have links from the given sites as well as the URLs the links are coming from. One word of caution, though, free blogging platforms that generate URLs like or will always be at the top of the list when you sort by DR. …Read entire entry »