Most people know Google is an incredible tool when you’re on the hunt for knowledge, power, or the nearest Starbucks. But searching for and finding exactly what you want can sometimes be harder than finding the newest viral kitten video. Luckily, there’s an answer for that. Have you ever typed a huge, specific sentence into Google and were less than satisfied with the results? Google is pretty advanced; it uses over 200 unique signals to guess what you’re looking for. But sometimes it needs a little assistance. In an effort to help users get exactly what they’re looking for, Google has developed search operators. These gems enable searchers to hone in on informati…Read entire entry »

[caption id="attachment_4175" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Image Courtesy of Jungle Media.[/caption] We’ve all been pitched by someone from a marketing agency offering number 1 rankings in Google or our money back.  Sounds enticing enough, right?  But does that offer mean they know what they are doing and what do 1st page rankings actually do for your brand and your bottom line?  For some, it’s that boost needed to bring in tons of organic traffic to their Website.  For others, it’s just nice to say there is some ranking on Google's 1st page for a few keywords.  But keep in mind the primary goal.  All companies are looking to increase revenue, and as …Read entire entry »

Last month we talked about what is a backlink, covering both internal and external links, and closed with the question, “Why should I care?”  Well, you should care for two main reasons: backlinks transfer influence in the form of page rank and they can drive referral traffic to your site. Influence Influence is affected because search engines look at the quantity and quality of the backlinks to your site to help determine just how popular and trustworthy your website is. The Web is interconnected by backlinks. Evaluating those connections -- their …Read entire entry »

Last year the big three search engines (Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!) announced they were collaborating to create and support a new HTML markup called schema.  And while current markup formats are still supported, when Cerberus is guarding the Gates of SEO you should pay close attention.  So then, just what is schema and what does it mean for you? In short, schema is an attempt to create a uniform, simple and consistent HTML markup.  Why?  Well to make the web more useful, for the search engines and for you.  For the search engines, it becomes hard to interpret or recover the original data from your site after it is formatted into HTML.  That's were markup comes in.  It is a language applied by website designers to help search engines interpret the HTML code.  And it takes much more work to markup your site if every search engine is asking for different formats.  Enter schema. Schema is not actually its own language, but instead is based on microdata format.  Previo…Read entire entry »

Today, it is not unusual to hear the term “social”  being used almost anywhere you go. The number of people and businesses engaging in various internet social communities has grown exponentially over the past several years. Hearing terms like social network, social news, and social media have now become commonplace in our everyday lives. However, one term that you may not hear as often is social bookmarking. The power of the social bookmarking method is both innovative and advantageous for businesses and consumers alike. What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking, also referred to as social book marketing, is a way for internet users to manage, share, and store useful resources they have found online. Instead of saving sites to a local computer, social bookmarking sites allow users to save their favorite bookmarks online, giving them the ability to access them anywhere, at any time. Social Bookmarking for Business Social bookmarkin…Read entire entry »

Many of us know the different styles of targeting that you can implement with your Google AdWords campaign. The options that you have had so far is: broad, exact, phrase and negative. Let's recap on what these are: Broad match: Allows your ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations. Example: Red Shoes Phrase match: Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase. Example: "Red Shoes" Exact match: Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively. Example: [Red Shoes] Negative match: Ensures your ad doesn't show for any search that includes that term. Example: -Red Shoes Some of these options will allow more traffic to your ad as others will bring less traffic that is more n…Read entire entry »

Google has released a new version of Google which is being called Google Caffeine. Google officially calls this a "next-generation architecture for Google's web search". It's being widely reported that this new version is faster than the older version. For most of us, though, we will not notice an increase in speed. Because most website owners would be interested, I have compiled a comprehensive list of what appears to have changed in the new Google Caffeine and have made a list. Since Google Caffeine is still rather new, this list is certainly subject to change as we go, so I will do my best to keep it updated as appropriate. The new Goo…Read entire entry »