Reddit is a social news site where members submit their favorite content and it is voted upon by other community members. Here, the community members are empowered by getting to decided what makes the “Front Page” by voting on their favorite content. Started in 2005 in Medford, MA, the site has since grown into one of the most visited social bookmarking sites on the web, boasting over 42 million unique visitors in September 2012, from over 175 different countries. The site’s immense popularity has caught the attention of a broad spectrum of users, from the average Joe to Fortune 500 organizations across the globe. This…Read entire entry »

Digg is a social news website that allows community members to vote Web content up or down by “digging” it. The site allows users to submit, share and vote on content they find interesting, funny, newsworthy or useful. From an SEO or social media perspective, a social sharing site like Digg can get your content noticed, socialized and can send a nice stream of referral traffic. In Digg's heyday, content reaching its home page often received server-crashing amounts of traffic. This summer, the Digg brand, Website and pre-existing technologies were rumored to have been purchased by Betaworks for about $500,000.  The new owners did a quick 6-week ove…Read entire entry »

There are many social media sites designed to share content with their community.  StumbleUpon does this by displaying content according to user preferences.  By sharing links you can increase web traffic and boost the lifecycle of your content.  And to do that you are going to need to increase the StumbleUpon page rank of your content via number of views and number of followers. So where to start?  Get involved in the community by developing a genuine presence.  Do this by reviewing content of other Stumblers.  Found someone with content you like and/or related to your interests?  Follow them.  By following other Stumblers you increase your presence and th…Read entire entry »

Many social media sites are designed to share content with their community.  Delicious, however, is not so much about sharing content as it is about saving content for later consumption.  Understanding this basic function of Delicious, you can then maximize its utility for SEO. So how do we do it?  A good place to start is to browse Delicious content related to your niche.  Interested in promoting handmade furniture?  Type in the relevant keywords in Delicious and see what content is there.  In this way you can find out what kinds of content the Delicious community deem important enough to save to be reread or reused later on. Browsing for related content is simple.  You can type in your keyword terms into the Delicious search bar to g…Read entire entry »

Social bookmarking is a great way for companies to interact with customers, gain live links quickly and increase website traffic. Today, there are many social bookmarking sites that can provide these features. If you are looking to implement this practice into your company’s SEO strategy, is a great place to start. Digg is a social bookmarking site that combines news, social media, and a sense of community in one site. Users can post news, articles, videos, podcasts and more, in one central location and with those who are interested in what they have to share. Community members are able to interact by posting comments and/or voting on submissions, helping the post to gain additional exposure and popularity. Known for its high traffic volume, it has been reported that Digg has been able to increase website traffic from the thousands to over a million hits in a matter of days. …Read entire entry »

Over the last several years social bookmarking has proven to be a great tool to help market businesses and increase website traffic. The concept behind social bookmarking is to provide users with a simple way to bookmark their favorite websites, articles, stories and more online, and in one central location. This also allows users to access these resources anytime and from anywhere, as opposed to saving it on one computer. How to Use Social Bookmarking for Business The beauty of social bookmarking is that it provides a relatively easy way to increase site traffic, interact with consumers, share content, build your web presence, and cultivate business relationships. These sites allow users to comment, rate, share and add tags (keywords) to the material you post or to any information/l…Read entire entry »

Today, it is not unusual to hear the term “social”  being used almost anywhere you go. The number of people and businesses engaging in various internet social communities has grown exponentially over the past several years. Hearing terms like social network, social news, and social media have now become commonplace in our everyday lives. However, one term that you may not hear as often is social bookmarking. The power of the social bookmarking method is both innovative and advantageous for businesses and consumers alike. What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking, also referred to as social book marketing, is a way for internet users to manage, share, and store useful resources they have found online. Instead of saving sites to a local computer, social bookmarking sites allow users to save their favorite bookmarks online, giving them the ability to access them anywhere, at any time. Social Bookmarking for Business Social bookmarkin…Read entire entry »