If you are a site owner or manage your company's website, inevitably, you will have to grant access to your site's analytics. I find myself walking new clients through the process of granting access to Google Analytics so often that I thought it would be a good idea to document the steps needed. Granting Access to Google Analytics 1. Access your Google Analytics Account Dashboard 2. From the middle of the screen click on Admin button 3. From the Admin Screen choose User Management from under the Property column. …Read entire entry »

In my previous post, I discussed how to grant access to Google Analytics to your SEO, agency or another 3rd party. Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is another great tool that can provide valuable insights to your team. The Google Search Console is basically like an on-going report card from Google which lets you see how the engine views your site. In the Search Console, you'll find crawl stats, errors Google encountered, suggestions on how to improve your site, stats on page load time as well as the ability to provide Google with data about your site and upload sitemaps.  Google allows you to provide access to this platform to 3rd parties with just a few steps: Granting Access to Google Search Console: 1. Access your …Read entire entry »

One of the most important points of knowledge in an organic search campaign is understanding where the search engine optimization (SEO) value lies within your site. Without a deep dive into the individual areas of a site on a regular basis, a search marketer is left blind in understanding where exactly success is working and where opportunity lies.   The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts . . . Sort of Aristotle wasn’t an SEO, but he was partially correct in his famous saying. Yes, the whole is what creates your domain authority and, together, all parts will create a much more authoritative site. However, if you want to find which content is really performing on your site, you are going to have to use tools and manually review to get to the bottom of true SEO content analysis. SEO has come a long way in the past decade. You can no longer simply report on keywords and total referrals. Now it is important to know what content works for SEO…Read entire entry »

In the words of Get Rich Click!’s Marc Ostrofsky, “relevance is a search engine’s holy grail.” Though this is a very simple concept, when it comes to producing infographics for SEO, relevance is sometimes more difficult to achieve than not.  We have all run into spammy link bait infographics before. You know the ones that are on based on hot “viral” topics that have nothing to do with the brand/site that is sponsoring it. All online infographics are a form of content marketing link bait, but there are good forms of link bait and questionable ones.  There’s a big difference between relevant infographics with valuable information and spammy infographics unrelated to the publisher.  The challenge is that the search engines would to like to reward the valuable content and diminish the value of unrelated content. …Read entire entry »

Conference: Search Engine Strategies(SES) Conference Chicago  Date: Nov. 5-7th Speakers: Josh McCoy (@joshuacmccoy) Grant Simmons (@simmonet) Session: Assess. Diagnose.Fix: How to become a Leading SEO Mechanic Time: 10:45AM-11:45AM It's back! Search Engine Strategies(SES) is once again hosting their conference in Chicago and it starts today. Want to be a better marketer? SES fills their three day conference agenda with a wealth of sessions on Paid, Owned and Earned strategies to help you succeed.  Again this year we are proud to announce that Vizion Interactive will be at…Read entire entry »

If you’re an online retailer who doesn’t track sales and revenue, then you’re missing out on a wealth of data.  Not just any data, but data that can help you make informed marketing decisions about where to spend display ad dollars, which keywords generate the most revenue, and which websites or search engines send you the most revenue, not just traffic (although these may be the same). Tracking sales from your website should be one of your first priorities when you set up a shopping cart.  Google Analytics e-commerce tracking works with almost all CMS systems, including Magento, …Read entire entry »

Rankings, Rankings, Rankings… Many SEO companies brag and boast about the rankings they have achieved for their clients.  It’s all over their testimonials page and in their white papers; but do those rankings actually generate traffic, and revenue?  Having long tail, non-searched keywords in top positions for your Website, poses no added value to your organic search campaigns. Of course it’s nice to see it on the screen and to tell your business partners; but if it does not yield additional revenue for your company, it’s a moot point. With over 2.7 billion searches performed on Google a day, it’s imperative that companies select the right keywords for their Websites.  Keywords are not only for SEO purposes but they give businesses a look into their customers and how their customers interact with their business.  Are we inexpensive or are we good at what we do?  Do we think outside the box or are we just like our competition? Kn…Read entire entry »

[caption id="attachment_4175" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Image Courtesy of Jungle Media.[/caption] We’ve all been pitched by someone from a marketing agency offering number 1 rankings in Google or our money back.  Sounds enticing enough, right?  But does that offer mean they know what they are doing and what do 1st page rankings actually do for your brand and your bottom line?  For some, it’s that boost needed to bring in tons of organic traffic to their Website.  For others, it’s just nice to say there is some ranking on Google's 1st page for a few keywords.  But keep in mind the primary goal.  All companies are looking to increase revenue, and as …Read entire entry »

I have an open-door policy. I want to hear from our employees and our clients on how we can do things better. Years ago an employee approached me and said, “You know what, Mark…I think – given the choice – it’s more important that a client is happy rather than if they get results.”  At first I was quick to say, “heck no….results are the name of the game.” Then I thought about it… If a client isn’t happy, then do results really matter? And if they aren’t happy but yet we are delivering results from our efforts, then our ability to translate that in a manner in which the client understands must be lacking. Results DO matter; but a client’s happiness trumps all. I’ll be damned…he was right! …Read entire entry »

So, here we are at Search Engine Strategies in Toronto. This is day 2 and I will be updating continually with the latest and greatest insight from today's speakers. Email Can Drive Search, Social and Mobile Christine Yaged from Publishers Clearing House Evaluate You Brand!- What are your customers needs, what makes you special? Understand Your Customers-Survey, Feedback and assess analytics Liquify your Content-Content is like water. It has to go everywhere, people have to access it in many ways. Zephirin Lasker from Pontiflex 88% of people check email from mobile device daily. Be direct, fast loading, one sentence what the user will get. Have a clear call to action. Have a compelling, non-incentivized offer and a direct headline. Reinforce your call to action at the the top of the page. Have links to social networks and keep eveything above the fold. Interesting fact, Get FB fans from email. Wall post CTR is 6% where banner advertisement is .04%. Bot…Read entire entry »