Every year, marketers jump at the chance to bolster advertising techniques around the holidays. From red and green banner ads in August to Black Friday discounts advertising months before Thanksgiving, some brands are a little overenthusiastic to begin the holiday season. Knowing where to draw the line on holiday-themed marketing tactics can improve your relationship with customers and increase word-of-mouth advertising – in a good way. Merry Metrics: What the Numbers Say Holiday-themed content, articles, and social media posts are perfect opportunities to spread brand awareness and join the national conversation. Tweeting about Black Friday deals is not only a good idea – it’s what consumers want and expect from brands. However, when brands push the boundaries of when it’s acc…Read entire entry »

Online Easter eggs let businesses show their creativity while creating a sense of exclusivity within an audience. Unlike massive social media campaigns or website redesigns, Easter eggs are nonpromotional extras that only a limited number of followers discover. They’re unique and generate excitement in a way that infographics, videos, and social media posts can’t. How Did Easter Eggs Start? Easter eggs have been around since the beginning of computer programming and originally served as a joke or message only programmers would discover. A programmer who hid a secret room inside of an Atari 2600 game coined the term. The commands for starting an Easter egg vary, and to…Read entire entry »

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The two best teams in the NFL are going head to head to determine who will be the Super Bowl Champions. For the most part everyone knows what’s going on, some know and could careless and well then there’s this crowd: So if the above image describes you perfectly then we’ve got the perfect solution on the off chance you’re stuck at a Super Bowl party and have no idea what’s going on. We’ve taken HTTP Status codes and fit them to football scenarios you may see happen today. Or you could …Read entire entry »

Halloween is almost upon us, and if you haven’t completed your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s marketing plan yet, you’re running out of time. Even if you have a plan, tweak it with this 5-step holiday marketing checklist to see a measurable increase in holiday sales. Step 1: Forget Your Channel Strategy Your customers don’t have a channel strategy. They have a shopping strategy. And for well over 75% of them, that strategy starts online, whether the final purchase is made in a store or online. So that your holiday sales campaign by looking at how your customers buy. What days of the week are the busiest for your online sales? What time of day, and day of the week bring customers into the s…Read entire entry »

As you can tell by my featured image, I have an instilled ideology for overtaking the competition and “standing on top”. A new year is upon us and with that a chance to take hold of the spirit of resolution. Your digital marketing strategy is a ripe place to take your renewed, energetic attitude and create a plan to overtake the competition in the New Year. If you have been wondering why the competition is somehow building a stronger brand, it is likely because they have likely better embraced the omni-channel approach to digital marketing. So, take your marketing channel blinders off and lets dig into several channels and how we can even the playing field if not overtake the competition! Organic Search/Content Marketing…Read entire entry »