In the land of (SEO), backlinks is always a buzzword. A page with a lot of backlinks typically ranks higher on search engine results pages. The why of backlinking is clear – the more people who visit your page, the higher Google ranks its popularity. It’s the how that leaves many business owners stumped. Getting high-quality sites to add your link doesn’t have to be a mystery. Use these six tips to get your links out there the right way. Produce High-Quality Content The best way to get backlinks for your site is to create valuable, relevant, high-quality content. Popular articles such as how-to tutorials and lists are always good choices when it comes to creating content that will get backlinks. Other sites will reference your how-to list when mentioning the same subject …Read entire entry »

Most of the original tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies still exist today, but they have changed dramatically from their original forms. Modern SEO is far more complex, and tactics such as link building require an added level of finesse. For years, many companies purchased inbound links to improve search engine rankings. Today, this practice violates Google’s search engine guidelines. The risk of purchasing links is high, and companies can invest their money more wisely. Link building, keyword stuffing, and other old SEO tactics often work against companies trying to improve SEO. Instead of using black-hat tactics, invest in creating high-quality text, video, and image content. Great content improves search engine rankings and offers more value to consumers. Ultima…Read entire entry »

Link building is a unique niche requiring specific traits and tricks to create the optimum outcome. Companies need good link builders to help them gain exposure in their industry and throughout the web. As a link builder, it seems easy to stay sharp on technique and strategy, but sometimes it’s good to assess your position and remind yourself what is important to help you reach new levels of success. A Pinch of Patience is Necessary for Quality Links At its core, link building focuses on discovering new ways to get your links placed on various pages outside a company’s website. Part of a link builder’s job is to pinpoint which site Google recognizes as an authority, and then start formulating various ways to get your site linked from the authority. Backlinks id…Read entire entry »

One of the most important points of knowledge in an organic search campaign is understanding where the search engine optimization (SEO) value lies within your site. Without a deep dive into the individual areas of a site on a regular basis, a search marketer is left blind in understanding where exactly success is working and where opportunity lies.   The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts . . . Sort of Aristotle wasn’t an SEO, but he was partially correct in his famous saying. Yes, the whole is what creates your domain authority and, together, all parts will create a much more authoritative site. However, if you want to find which content is really performing on your site, you are going to have to use tools and manually review to get to the bottom of true SEO content analysis. SEO has come a long way in the past decade. You can no longer simply report on keywords and total referrals. Now it is important to know what content works for SEO…Read entire entry »

The last time we talked about local citations, we chatted only about the US. So, to be fair, we wanted to look at what UK citation sources exist. Like the US version, there have been many “top 10” or “50 of the best citations” lists for the UK.  However, unlike the US spreadsheet, which had almost 300 sites, the UK list has nearly 500 sites. (There are some sites from the US list represented on the UK list because those sites accept UK as well.) Nevertheless, there are plenty of UK-specific places. Like the US list, this spreadsheet will let you know: (1) if the site is still live or redirects elsewhere; (2) if it’s paid; and (3) if it’s industry specific. But enough chit chat, here’s the spreadsheet: …Read entire entry »

Anyone that’s ever done work in local SEO knows one thing, consistent citations are really important. But where do you get them from? There are aggregators such as Superpages,, Acxiom and others that distribute information to several other sites. And yes, there is the ever popular White Spark Citation finder (which I will always recommend). But truth be told, there are a lot more sites out there than just these. Over the years several people have written “top 10” or “top 50” or even “best places to get citations” and compiled lists of known company directories. So we did some searching and went through several blog posts and SERPs and compiled a list of over 300 places you’re able to get citations from. This took a while so we hope you find t…Read entire entry »

Time is something that can slip away from you pretty quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re building links, writing content or auditing a site.  When you’ve got “x” amount of time allotted for a project and you get focused on it, it’s easy to go over. Or if you keep checking the clock to make sure you’re not going over, the work itself can be compromised.  So how do you stay on top of a massive to-do list while pumping out quality work for your clients? Make a schedule and stick to it: This seems like a no-brainer (and should be) for many; but once you’ve made a schedule it can be easy to get distracted with pings from your co-workers or your boss asking you for some help here and there. While it’s great to be a team player, you also want to be dedicated to your clients. So t…Read entire entry »

Whether you’re in the process of building links or getting a campaign ramped up, chances are you could stand to take some time to look at improving your link campaign. If you’re looking for some inspiration or need some insight on how to improve your links, I suggest taking a look at your PPC for some insight. Evaluate Landing Pages One item that is taken into consideration managing PPC is the landing page you’re sending visitors to. It’s highly recommended you send users to a specific landing page associated with the phrases the ad is targeting. Pointing every ad at the homepage isn…Read entire entry »

We’ve all had that one client who came to us for link building that was in an industry that made us go “really, people make that?” What we were really thinking was, “how can we promote this?” Truth be told it takes more than just getting creative. Get creative and get the client involved Don’t get me wrong, creativity is a huge part of the process. My buddy Don Rhodes dropped some creative knowledge my way on building links for lawyers, which is not only dull at times but pretty tough (one of the toughest niches according to him). The biggest thing he did that stood out to me is he got the lawyers involved in the process. But it just wasn’t about, “hey we need you to do this for links;” it was “If we can do x, we’ll get you some good publicity and some good links.” I’ll admit he covered a few link tactics you should be doing anyway, such as alumni sites and charities. But if anything those should just be starting points to help get th…Read entire entry »