Before getting into how to measure the value of infographics, let’s first look at what they are and what their purposes are in terms of content marketing.  What goals can infographics meet for your overall content marketing objectives?  Why should your business invest in producing and promoting an infographic?  What should it say? An Infographic Defined An infographic is a fun, visually engaging way to communicate a lot of content that does not require a lot of reading.  It’s a way to [caption id="attachment_4676" align="alignright" width="491"] Infographic Credit to Zabisco[/caption] get complex messaging in front of your target audience …Read entire entry »

Facebook’s platform changes quite often.  The constant changes can make us forget what we already knew or just feel like giving up.  Facebook can be frustrating.  So let’s go over some quick points you may have forgotten or just never knew that can help you with overall marketing efforts. Cover Image Description Let’s start with Facebook’s cover image.  Have you added a description with a call-to-action and a link?  A lot of brands don’t know to do this.  The image header itself cannot be made to have a hyperlink but you can click it.  The click takes you to the URL for the image where you can add a description.  This description can include a link and a call-to-action, so utilize it.  Even better, if you have a campaign running or an upcoming event, create a header image (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall) unique to your campaign that includes a call-to-action, such as “Click Here to Join.…Read entire entry »

As inbound marketers, we’ve all scratched our heads at times wondering just how effective social media marketing is.  We understand that it's about priceless brand exposure.  We can never get enough of that.  We also understand about how invaluable it is to have an engaged community and increased footage as a trusted resource in our niche industries.  But sometimes relating our social media efforts to exact bottom line dollars can make us scratch our heads. We know social media is pull marketing, soft sales and assisted conversions (not direct conversions).  But it’d be nice to know there is something a little more concrete for all the time and effort, right?  Well, there is.  We just have to know where to look and how to interpret it. HubSpot has released their …Read entire entry »

Online marketing today primarily consists of two heavy-weights that go hand-in-hand: content marketing and social media marketing.  Brands use content marketing as a primary factor in their social media efforts.  Today’s consumers are not only tech savvy but they are reputation savvy.  They will trust what their friends and friends of friends say online about a brand any day over what the brand is telling them in an advertisement. While brands know and understand this, they seem to miss the mark when creating their own content marketing strategies.  Take infographics for example.  If your brand is creating and pushing out infographics that educates and earns the trus…Read entire entry »

Recently I received an email from a client asking me if we can offer the same guarantees that are included in an email they received. You know the type of emails I’m talking about…the ones that say something like “guaranteed top positions in Google,” “guaranteed results,” “guaranteed SEO rankings.” Or perhaps they go so far as to say (as this one did) “guarantee that organic traffic and pageviews from search engines will increase,” that you’ll see “an increase in new site visitors from search engines” and “improved overall rankings for targeted keywords and phrases.” &nb…Read entire entry »

Graph Search is what Facebook is calling the third of its three pillars; with the first being the news feed and the second being Timeline.  Graph Search is the new search function Facebook is rolling out that produces results based on likes, interests, locations and relationship history. For example, with the utilization of Graph Search, a query for “single friends in Dallas who like to go see live bands” will yield some great results.  As a matter of fact, it is supposed to pull every single one of your friends who qualify for your search.  Without Graph Search, that search query would not pull anything w…Read entire entry »

It’s now the month of love.  While most of you are making floral delivery plans, securing dinner reservations, picking up chocolates, cards and more for your significant other, don’t forget to show your online marketing initiatives some love too. Ensuring that your digital marketing campaigns are in tune with the season is best practice for optimal performance.  Starting that wave early is one of the most optimal strategies we recommend to all our clients.  Why wait until the last minute to start running your Valentine’s Day ads and romantically decorated landing pages?  By that time you’re too late.  Advertisers must understand that the early bird gets the worm.  Shoppers are now making seasonal and special occasion purchase decisions  much earlier than they used to.  If you are not there when the consumer is ready to buy then that’s a missed opportunity for you, but a grand score for your competitors. How to Romance Google’s Pandas & Penguins We …Read entire entry »

Have you ever been on Facebook and posted a request to your friends to recommend a great restaurant in a city you’ll be visiting?  Did you notice ads starting to populate on the right side of your page for restaurants in that city?  That’s Facebook’s ad campaign picking up the keywords in your post and giving you what you want.  While that is pretty cool in itself, what’s even more cool is seeing how many of your friends like that restaurant’s page.  In today’s social consumer’s eyes, the friends’ likes has more weight than the ad itself. Seeing these ads can entice you to click.  Seeing all of your friends likes makes you click alm…Read entire entry »

In the digital age, we cannot look into the rearview mirror. Why, you ask? Because the search marketing space is moving too fast for us to focus on the past. OK, OK we can hit the highlights: Google's Penguin algorithmic update slammed what were deemed as spammy sites; Google Shopping (the wonderfully free offering for ecommerce sites to generate revenue) became a paid inclusion service of Google Adwords - My Product Listing Ads. We hit a few highlights, and considering that Google makes an algorithmic change on the average of once per day, we are just scratching the surface. Let us focus on the momentum we already have and the energy we will need to succeed in the new year. So what areas of Search Engine Marketing do we need to be considering? …Read entire entry »