Drip campaigns are complex, require a lot of original content and emails, and take time to put together. They are also good tools for building relationships, boosting retention rates, and increasing sales numbers, while being automated to a large extent. Done correctly, the drip campaign leads customers in a call to action. Each email in a drip campaign stands on its own, even subsequent emails that build on what came before. As a result, careful consideration and preparatory work must be done prior to launch. Everything sent is strategically planned to maximize results. Read on for the steps you need to create a successful email drip campaign. Determine Your Goal If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, how will you know when you achieve it? Are you simply trying to gather emai…Read entire entry »

Email campaigns offer a very inexpensive tool for reaching an audience. Many careers and start-ups flourished because of cold emails, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. You have no audience relationship and you lack feedback that allows you to adjust as you go. With all this going against them, it’s no wonder that cold emails tend to fail. Crafting the perfect cold email is a craft. It requires fine-tuning and hard work with few responses. Every situation requires a different approach. Engaging readers requires good writing, compelling content, and something actionable each recipient feels uniquely qualified to fulfill. Read on for some best practices to turn that cold email c…Read entire entry »

Your click-through rate (CTR) is the number that assesses how many times visitors to your page successfully click through a piece of marketing to a specific goal or end state. Your CTR is a good metric to use to judge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and the overall appeal of your website. You need to be able to entice the customers and visitors to your site to take the next step after they’ve encountered your brand. Although marketing is a multifaceted and constantly evolving practice, one tried-and-true technique for the digital age is email marketing. Many marketers may consider email marketing a bit outdated in light of the plethora of communication platforms in existence today, but it still provides one of the highest return on investment (ROI) rates of any marketing method. When done correctly, yo…Read entire entry »

Contrary to popular belief, the newsletter is still alive and thriving. Business owners can see great returns from newsletter campaigns – if done correctly. Crafting the ideal newsletter may take a bit of time and energy, but it’s well worth the investment. If your industry can benefit from sending newsletters, here’s how to leverage this marketing classic to its fullest potential. 1. Define Your Topic A common complaint surrounding newsletters is that they’re often cluttered and unfocused. At its core, a newsletter is supposed to spread news – but it doesn’t have to spread all the news, all at once. Define a clear purpose for your newsletter, and keep content focused and uniform throughout. If you have a lot of information that you need to convey at once, consider breaking the newsletter into …Read entire entry »

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tactics used online. Mobile device users check email accounts once a day, and almost 34% of Americans check their emails on and off throughout the day. When evaluating reach, sending an email to a personal inbox often yields better click-through and response rates than posting on social media or publishing content to a blog. However, email users today are tech savvy. They want to feel in control of the content they receive, and they can recognize spammy emails a mile away. Individuals who feel content does not meet their needs will quickly unsubscribe or block unwanted messages from their inboxes. Personalized emails are far more effective than…Read entire entry »

International growth is an important aspect of many business’ marketing strategies. Expanding your potential market beyond the borders of your business’s country of origin can be an exciting and fruitful process when done effectively. Here are eight things to remember when approaching international email marketing: 1. While this might be obvious, language plays a central role in translating your business to other countries. Translating content requires more than a literal switch from one language to another, so it is important to work with an attentive local translator who understands differences in phrasing and idioms. 2. Pay attention to time zones. This one should be painfully obvious, so you really shouldn’t need more information here. Emails not getting opened or clicked on? Look at what…Read entire entry »