It’s February once again, the month of love and with that I thought we could take a cupid’s approach to our digital marketing mindset. I have made this parallel once before in 3 Tips for Understanding your “Courtship” with Search Engines. However, just a few weeks ago I must have been in a loving mood as I was deep in a review of a client website as well as deep in thought and found myself pondering the questions of “are we hugging our visitors”? Yes, I know, off the cuff this seems like a rather creepy thoug…Read entire entry »

  If you constantly seek more leads and conversions from your online presence, then you more than likely understand the priority of having your website ranked high in search engine results. So what can you do to improve your ranking efforts in search results? In the past, it was easy to pick a high-traffic keyword you wanted your Web site to rank for, such as “San Diego dentist,” and write content targeting that particular keyword. Google used to match keywords within a query to keywords on a Web page. The higher the on-page keyword density that matched the query, the more relevant Google deemed the page to be. This resulted in a great deal of poorly written and often times “spammy” content that was stuffed with high-traffic keywords that resulted in poor user experiences and high bounce rates. In an effort to reduce Web spam, improve user experiences, and provide the most relevant content, Google is constantly updating its search rank algorithm. In…Read entire entry »

The majority of e-commerce websites share the same goal and the same struggles. Many users are hesitant to purchase products they can’t touch, feel, or operate prior to purchasing. This makes selling products online tougher than selling in brick and mortar stores; the same obstacles may also apply to catalog purchases. Knowing these struggles, e-commerce site owners understand they must convert (sell a product) users the first time they visit their online stores, or they will lose many sales. There are many how-to articles on the Web that provide a foundation for optimizing your e-commerce site to increase conversions, but none of these tutorials offer a step-by-step guide to ensure your online store is sound from a search engine optimization (SEO) and technical perspective. Today, I’d like to give you a thorough understanding of search engine optimization for e-commerce stores and provide you with calls to action, product optimizations, and much more. Let’s get…Read entire entry »