While the search industry is always changing there’s one thing that hasn’t changed. The reliance on tools to help get the job done. While there are a plethora of options out there, there are a few that almost any digital marketer will use a few times a week. The most commonly used here at Vizion Interactive are: Ahrefs SEM rush Moz (SEOmoz) Screaming Frog I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what these tools offered 5 years ago compared to what they offer today. After all, if the industry has changed shouldn’t the tools we use as well? Ahrefs: When Ahrefs first rolled out it was hailed as the end all be all link research tool. It had (and still has) a more update link index. While they did offer a few other tools their main go to was link analysis. The lab section held a few other tools for link and keyword research but not a great deal more than that. …Read entire entry »

We’ve all experienced “those” commenters – the ones who write completely irrelevant, spammy, even rude replies to your posts. Whether these comments are from spam-bots or people with no internet etiquette, be proactive in moderating them for the sake of your blog’s health. Just as you wouldn’t want dirty cat litter in your home, you don’t want unhelpful comments on your site, tarnishing your reputation. Pooper Scoopers: The Best Tools for Moderation There are many guidelines for moderating comments on different channels, most of which you can find in a Google search. For example, if you use WordPress, install the Akismet plugin to remove spam comments automatically. On YouTube, remove, report, hide, and mark comments as s…Read entire entry »

In the world of website development, search engine optimization (SEO) is important, and so is usability. In fact, they depend on each other. SEO strategies ensure an audience will see your site when they search online, while usability ensures they can easily navigate your site to meet their needs. So, how do marketing professionals maintain that careful balance between SEO and usability? Tackle Usability First Usability is a fundamental component of effective website development. If a user cannot learn how to use your site and enjoy the experience, he or she may never come back, regardless of the site’s ranking in search engines. Another reason to work on usability first is because search engines reward websites that are easy to use. Improving usability enhances SEO …Read entire entry »

When I read stuff about “going viral” or “successful outreach” I typically see content that makes people happy or laugh. It’s not a bad thing. Who doesn’t like to be happy or get a chuckle out of an article? However, where are the rest of the emotions? You may not want to make readers angry or sad, but does that mean sites should shy away from topics that might cause that reaction? It’s not like we’re creating a circle of joy for that content to stay within. [caption id="attachment_8833" align="aligncenter" width="638"] Then again being Batman would be pretty cool.[/caption] However, you are not Batman and you have readers to think about. If you’re going to create content that won’t generate a smile or laughter, you might want to take a look at some angry and…Read entire entry »

Press releases can help your company get breaking news out to the world and kick up your search engine optimization strategy. Large companies most commonly use press releases to note every change in business. Small companies can use them to improve online visibility and support growth efforts. You may want to consider refreshing your press release process to gain better market exposure for: A product launch, An executive move, Company relocation or a new location opening, or Mergers and acquisitions.   Here are 10 tips you need to keep your writing fresh and engaging: Keep it as short as possible – Online press releases almost always…Read entire entry »

Content marketing is effective, but it requires a considerable time commitment. Content development takes time, and marketers must publish and maintain content over time. From blog posts to Vine videos, content can easily overwhelm a small marketing team. Content marketing tools won’t do all the work, but they can simplify many processes. Whether you need to post social media lists every day or perfectly time an emailed newsletter, these content marketing tools will help you get the job done: Note: There are several different tools in each category, and this list is only a representational cross section of the tools available in each field. Once you d…Read entire entry »

Digging in deeper to identify what the true culprits may be for our index cache bloat. This month we are going to show the next steps in identifying some of the interesting findings from last month’s SEO Tool Tip post using Google as our SEO tool for high-level observations.  This is meant to provide a focused approach to doing a quick SEO review when you just “need to quickly get to know a new website”. However, in this installment, it is time for us to check out some of the things we observed in the Google index and begin looking more at the website itself to try to identify the opportunities available and the causes of what we saw.  We will also compare notes between what Bing sees as well, in order to review any hypotheses we may begin to develop.  So, let’s dive right in. We left o…Read entire entry »

*Melanie Deziel is Vizion's featured guest this month and we are excited to feature her post below written exclusively for you! Many small businesses are starting to see the power of content marketing and are looking to build out their own content practice, whether it’s through larger media partnerships, a consistent blog or just an amped-up social presence with custom content for each network. But when they turn to the web for tips, examples, and insights from large brands in their same niche, they find that the most widely publicized native advertising campaigns seem too out of reach to provide any actionable insights for them: the budgets are too big, the production values too high, and the media partners too inaccessible. But there are lessons in the…Read entire entry »

Online Easter eggs let businesses show their creativity while creating a sense of exclusivity within an audience. Unlike massive social media campaigns or website redesigns, Easter eggs are nonpromotional extras that only a limited number of followers discover. They’re unique and generate excitement in a way that infographics, videos, and social media posts can’t. How Did Easter Eggs Start? Easter eggs have been around since the beginning of computer programming and originally served as a joke or message only programmers would discover. A programmer who hid a secret room inside of an Atari 2600 game coined the term. The commands for starting an Easter egg vary, and to…Read entire entry »

As time passes, your business and your customer base evolves. If you’re still using the same buyer personas you used years ago, it may not help you target your current customers very effectively. Consider updating your personas if: Your quality of your leads starts dwindling, Your company direction has changed, You’re using more than six personas to drive marketing activities, or You haven’t developed any negative personas.   On average, companies should review personas quarterly. Check the strength, quality, and relevancy, and then move on. Schedule an overhaul for your personas once a year, but make regular changes o…Read entire entry »