2013 Atlanta Digital Summit Rocked!

ADS HallIt has been an absolutely great time here in Atlanta at the Digital Summit. Vizion stayed busy sponsoring a booth and speaking with several attendees. This year’s content was great as well. From SEO to video marketing and email marketing ┬áto social media strategy, attendees looked like they were having a great time, as were we!

Below are some takeaways observed when we had a chance to step into some of the great sessions at Atlanta Digital Summit:

Keynote: How to Not Suck at Marketing
Alexis Ohanian
Co-Founder, Reddit

-Your worst enemy online is the “Back” button. if you can’t entice someone they will hit the back button. There is so much competition for viewers attention.

-No one wants “your marketing”. You have to convince them they should spend their time on you.

-Make something people want.

-Marketers ruin everything. Marketers are why we cant have nice things. People are trying to hard to sell something not in creating a community.

-Monetize with communities, not against them.

-Entrepreneur means “Has Ideas, Does Them”.


Usability & Experience
Showing the ROI-Where User Testing and Conversion Testing Collide
Mike Perla
Fathom, Dir. of Conversion Optimization

-It’s about making decisions on return on investment.

User Testing
+Conversion Testing
+Accurate Goal Value
=Show the ROI

-Do whatever it takes to determine an average lead value.

-Convert the main stakeholder and the others will fall in line.

Creating Intuitive Interfaces
Erik Muendel, CEO Brightline Interactive

Right Minded Interactive
-Provide Samples or Collect Data
-Create original content that can be shared.

Usability Improvement Process
-Define your goals in numbers
-Match experience to Goals
-Solve common problems in UX, no visual hierarchy, no calls to action, interfaces don’t go through focus groups, UX and interface are created in a vacuum.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization: New Research, Optimization Tactics Compared and the Consumer of the Future
Stefan Tomquist, VP Research at eConsultancy.

-50% of teens use smartphones as their primary access to the internet.
-78% of consumers use the internet to research products
-55% of smartphone users use them to run price comparisons.
-2010 Black Friday purchased via mobile were 6%. In 2012 this rose to 24%.
-#1 influential source for purchasers are Reviews.
-The fastest growing segment is Direct to Consumer sales by manufactures. 15% annual growth.
-In 2009, mobile commerce barely existed. Today, mobile accounts for one in three ebay purchases.
-Currently for every $92 spent acquiring visitors. $1 spent converting.
-Don’t for about site search. Those who use site search are more likely to buy.

Online Video
Facebook Engagement is Killing Your Strategy
Anna Belle Blue

-Facebook is a tactic not a strategy
-40% of time spent on Facebook are is in the News Feed.
-Don’t try to game Edgerank.

Leveraging Twitter in the B2B space
Trish Nettleship, Dir. Social Media, UCB

-Who is the Twitter audience, 100% listen and 60% tweet.
-They are everywhere, talk about everything and they are mobile.
-Listen, promote your brand, interact with your customers, create buzz around upcoming events. Provide great content.
-Optimize your profile with unique cover photo and call to action and have a featured tweet.
-Generate leads by connecting to your blog and also promoting offers.
-Promote content and integrate with your site.

Google+: The Marriage of Search and Social.
Becky Sheel
-Google+ treats G+ pages just like regular websites in search.
-Use more information based posts and less marketing…and don;t mention Facebook.
-Use large photography or video.

  • Love that we also handed out over 430 full-sized candy bars, etc. Lots of fun, indeed!