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Analytics and Conversion Tracking

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Digital marketing is highly measurable, but only if your team is effectively tracking all your online marketing efforts and is able to see each distinct channel’s contribution in your analytics data.

Web Analytics has come a long way in the last ten years as a discipline. Effectively using analytics solutions like Coremetrics and Site Catalyst to Google Analytics requires an ongoing commitment. There are continual advancements to these platforms and a vast array of reports, views and dashboards to help you slice and analyze the data.

From goal tracking to event tracking, the Vizion team takes a deep look at your analytics configuration to ensure proper delivery of traffic and conversion data. It is important that campaigns are tracked appropriately for ease of data segmentation. We not only assess that you are receiving data on all valid site traffic but can also consult on how to ensure you are excluding traffic that should not be representing in referral data. This includes setup and monitoring of IP and domain filters so that your analytical is not marred by internal organization traffic from company IPs and developmental/maintenance resources. We also assess administrative access to this sensitive analytical data by reviewing user management data for access level information.

Taking full advantage of your analytical abilities means the integration of offering such as eCommerce tracking and Site Search. Simply adding tracking code to site pages does not grant access to all track-able features of an analytical dashboard. Vizion Interactive will help identify all analytical elements you can take advantage of. Our team has a vast experience with analytics integration as our jobs require us to use these platforms each day.

So, what the end result of a properly configured analytical profile? A well placed analytical configuration allows you to assess how users digest your content through user metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and pages per visit. It also grants you the ability to assess how traffic got to your site, where the landed, what keyword referred them and if they became a paying customer.

Get a handle on your web analytics and start to see the true value of your online traffic. Call Vizion today and find out more about how we can help you clearly see your results.