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SEO consulting fits in many scenarios. Whether you are a small business wanting visibility in local and mobile search or if you are a multi-national corporation requiring assistance across the globe, Vizion Interactive’s experienced team of search engine optimization experts can help you gain valuable traffic across search channels.

Vizion Interactive’s team has overseen approximately 500 SEO efforts across many verticals, including highly competitive industry segments, and will guide you in following best-practices to leverage all of your marketing efforts in a synergistic way.

Custom SEO Consulting – We can help you with ongoing/retainer-based relationships, where we become “one” with your team, helping you define success, and put together a strategic plan – along with tactical execution. Our Custom SEO solutions are based upon what your goals are, understanding what you are able to execute on and bridging the gap for elements that you will need to outsource. Just complete our SEO RFP template/ and send this along to our sales team and we can begin the process of reviewing your current situation and help you understand where you can be, short term and long term.  >> More on Custom SEO Consulting

Redesign SEO Consulting – Along with having over 500 SEO projects under our collective belts, Vizion Interactive also provides design services. For many, design could be handled by another provider (whether that’s in-house or another design agency). For these situations, Vizion Interactive provides Redesign SEO Consulting services, to help you to ensure that you launch a website that is built for SEO success. >> Redesign Consulting Services

Foundational SEO – Many businesses simply cannot afford the ongoing retainer that often accompanies an SEO effort. And, while we highly recommend ongoing efforts, we wanted to provide a solution for those who may require assistance will laying a solid foundation for their SEO efforts. Our foundational SEO programs will provide a technical site audit, Analytics review, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Site Structure Analysis, Local Search Audit (if applicable), and initial recommendations for Titles, Descriptions, Headers and alt text use. >> Foundational SEO Package

SEO Audits — If you’d like to know where you are, in relation to your competitors, understand what you need to do to enhance your presence and develop a “game plan”, a good first step may be for you to sign up for an SEO Audit, prepared by Vizion’s team. These audits are very comprehensive and outline your current performance in search, your keyword strategy, provide a technical SEO review, a content audit, review/analysis of your inbound linking/strategy and a competitive analysis to uncover strengths/weaknesses of their organic search presence. >> More on SEO Audit Services