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Like your annual physical or checkup at the doctor’s office, the Vizion Insights™ SEO Audit assesses the overall health of your website and online presence. The audit helps you understand where you are now, your opportunities and the resources it will take to get you there. 

The SEO Audit is offered as a stand-alone or short-term engagement. Audits are useful in situations such as:

  •  a new marketing team is evaluating the current health of a site they have just gained responsibility for;
  • your team is uncertain why your site was impacted by recent algorithm shifts at Google;
  • a CMO is looking to evaluate the opportunity for SEO and resources required;
  • a smaller firm lacks the budget for a long-term SEO engagement, but is seeking actionable recommendations they can begin to work on in-house

What You Get in An SEO Audit:

SEO Performance and Competitive Insight

This assessment takes a look at your site’s indexation of content on the web as well as the overall authority your content holds in search results, thus, how much visibility your content has. We also compare this to the competitors in your keyword themes to assess if you are at an advantage or disadvantage. This inspection also helps to portray a monetary value of the opportunity in Organic Search.

Keyword Strategy Review

The Vizion team will review your presence in search results to assess whether your results are aligned with the right keyword focused terms. We will also determine where your competitors rank and if these terms should be of focus for you as well.

Technical SEO Review

This assessment reviews the site for any issues which can hinder the indexing of your content by the search engines. Areas of focus include covering issues such as non-indexed content, site/page speed, error page discovery, server issues, sitemaps, robots.txt, canonical URLs, redirects and duplicate content.

Content Audit

Analysis is performed regarding on-page content. We will review intended keyword focus across important page areas such as Title elements, navigational linking, page headings and body copy reviewing for adherence to SEO best practices. We will also inspect image and video content for SEO effectiveness as well as other content areas on the site such as your blog.

Competitive Analysis

The Vizion team will review two competitors to analyze potential strengths and weaknesses of their current Organic Search presence. This will help to identify considerations for how competitive it will be for you to compete in desired keyword areas.

All of this can be turned around in approximately 30 days from the day you order. Complete our contact form for additional information, or to request a review of an example report.

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