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Microsoft AdCenter Campaigns

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Expand Your PPC Reach

The smaller of the two major paid search platforms, Microsoft AdCenter can be a productive advertising channel for your business if handled correctly. Not merely a clone of Google, the adCenter platform serves ads to Microsoft’s Bing search as well as Yahoo! search. Many advertisers fail to take advantage of adCenter, since Yahoo! and Bing search traffic amounts to just 20% of Google’s. But adCenter provides some unique advantages – most importantly, fewer advertisers usually translates to lower click costs and lower cost per acquisition.

Vizion can port your existing Google AdWords campaigns to adCenter and help build incremental conversions. Using our expert PPC methodology, we can manage account setup and configuration, and build, report, analyze and refine your adCenter campaign to reach peak performance.

Vizion has direct contact with agency-level Microsoft AdCenter account managers, allowing timely solutions to any problems. Our years of adCenter experience, our proven PPC methodology and our partnership with Microsoft AdCenter ensure that your campaigns run smoothly, grow more efficiently, and meet the ROI goals you set.

Contact Vizion today to discuss how you can profit from advertising on Bing and Yahoo!, and let us get you earning more efficiently!