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Paid search marketing or PPC advertising can be either a companion to natural search efforts, or a stand-alone channel to reach visitors online.

Vizion Interactive believes that the union of both natural and paid search marketing is the best way to maximize your online visibility, but there are times when the investment into SEO programs (time AND money) can make attaining ROI a challenge. PPC advertising can be a safe, predictable investment because of the pay per click pricing model.


The challenge is making the most of your investment. By now, it’s likely that most of your competitors are investing in paid search. Because this is largely an auction-based system, supply and demand rule the day. Bids can get high. If you’re not managing your PPC campaigns well, you may find it hard to achieve acceptable conversion rates and ROI. 

That’s why you hire experts. That’s why you should hire Vizion Interactive.

Vizion Interactive is a Google certified agency. Our PPC management methodology is a solid blend of best-in-class campaign construction, reporting, analysis, creative thinking and testing. We stay current with industry trends and search engine features, and diligently manage your campaign to prevent problems and take advantage of all opportunities.


A solid foundation of keyword research, logical ad grouping, market-savvy ad copywriting and ROI-focused bidding strategy will help your PPC efforts start on the right foot. If you have existing PPC campaigns, Vizion Interactive can perform a complete audit to get them aligned with our industry-leading best practices.


As transparency is one of our core values, we believe in practical, user-friendly reporting. We provide weekly and monthly data summaries. You’ll be able to track your campaign’s performance and monitor your success.


It’s not enough to report the numbers. You need to know what those numbers mean, and what actions to take to ensure those numbers are moving in the right direction to meet your goals. Vizion Interactive can bridge the gap between the technical and the practical, and ensure that your PPC efforts are goal-driven and successful.

Refine & Test

Progress toward meeting and exceeding your goals is an evolutionary process. By testing new ideas, focusing on what meets your goals and being honest about what doesn’t, Vizion Interactive will continually refine and optimize your PPC campaign to obtain increasing conversions and ROI. We’ll employ a variety of tools and techniques like Landing Page design/development, Landing Page Optimization, Google Website Optimizer, Real-Time analytics and Call Tracking. Vizion Interactive can provide a “one-stop shop” for all of your paid search initiatives.

Vizion Interactive is also versatile in our PPC management. We are experienced and certified in the main platforms, Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. We also have experience in specialized advertising channels, like the B2B-oriented search of, Shopping Feed programs, Mobile, and advertising on social media networks like Facebook and Linkedin. We’ll develop and execute a comprehensive strategy to meet your budget and your goals.

Maximize your PPC advertising success. Contact Vizion today to learn more about how our PPC management services will benefit you.