SEO Request for Proposal RFP

In my push towards helping to create some Standards, demystify search engine optimization and help more and more people get search engine optimization into their marketing budgets, I am offering up a free RFP template for those seeking search engine optimization services.

Certainly, there will be other search engine optimization firms out there who may want to offer some suggestions AND I WELCOME THEM! (add them as a comment to this post, and I will try to include them, as we revise this moving forward).

As with all things “interactive”, this document should be a living/breathing thing, constantly evolving to include other key influencers.

Update: It’s been a while since this has been published so we felt the need to put our heads together and come up with a 2014 version of what a SEO RFP should look like.


Vizion Interactive SEO RFP




*Certainly, we’d appreciate your consideration for assisting you with your search engine optimization efforts. So, if you’d like to include Vizion Interactive in your RFP distribution, please send the completed SEO RFP to

  • SEO Canada

    LOL your way to nice to your clients. Mind you where I work we have a guarantee so we tell them they have no choice as we have to meet the guarantee, but contract outlines that all ;)

  • Paul Burani, Clicksh

    This is very useful. I think it might also include a section on relationships with other subcontractors. A lot of times an SEO project requires working with the original designer who is retained for content updates… and these relationsships can get soooo sticky.

  • Lisa Williams, MEDIA

    This is very helpful to get clients engaged in what they want and how that will happen. Great way to create expectations. Love your column!

  • Adam Hermsdorfer

    Mark, this template is excellent. Thanks for sharing and making "SEO" a creditable word!

  • Sarah Hall

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I have read through the site and RFP – completely agree. Great Proposal!

  • Chris Williams, SEO

    Great proposal. One thing I may add, is what is the anticipated time to see a return on your investment. I always find this useful in deciding a strategy. If I think of anything else will ley you know. Thank you

  • SEO Sydney

    Great proposal template, very useful.

  • Fredrik Aderell

    I would have liked to add:

    – Date of submission of the RFP

    – Last date for submitting questions.

    – last date for giving the proposal.

    – Date for decision making and awarding the contract at the customer.

  • James Brabyn

    excellent document and I like your attitude towards enhancing standards, thanks

  • Terry

    This is a great document and will be sure to use it as I higher our new SEO company.


  • Ferra

    Hi every one who is working on this site

    thanks a lot for preparing this proposal

    i really enjoyed of this

    i will soon come back again for this site


  • Roopa

    a very informative document . Thanks a lot!!

  • Ritesh Saxena

    Excellent !!!

  • seogenx

    I've reviewed the document on creating a proposal for seo, it's great and it will definitely help me in terms of gathering fruitful information from the potential clients. From the time this post has written to the day, the SEO has been changes a lot.

  • lovisa alva

    Its very usefull for me. Thanks to share this.