Social media campaigns always involve a certain level of risk. Great ideas can translate into outstanding victories, but sometimes they miss the target completely. Reviewing the last twelve months of social media campaigns will help other businesses learn from both sides of the coin. The Winners Success isn’t only about the final product; success in a social media campaign is heavily tied to realistic goals and practical ways to reach said goals. By examining some of the best social media initiatives in the past year, each provides a tangible problem with an easy corresponding action. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches One of the most meaningful campaigns from 2013, Dove suc…Read entire entry »

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Outreach is an important aspect of any business. Whether you use social media, email or reach your audience another way, use outreach moments effectively to promote your image. To have a positive outreach experience for both your business and the consumer, you should avoid the following five mishaps: Send it to the right person Nothing is more humiliating than sending an email to the wrong person. Double check the email address and name used in the email so that it looks like you know what you’re doing.  I suggest using Gmail. Gmail has a function that allows you to “undo” a send. You have to be quick about it as there is a limited amount of time. And by limited amount of time, I mean seconds. You can set it to be anywhere from 5-20 seconds. …Read entire entry »

International growth is an important aspect of many business’ marketing strategies. Expanding your potential market beyond the borders of your business’s country of origin can be an exciting and fruitful process when done effectively. Here are ten things to remember when approaching international email marketing: 1) While this might be obvious, language plays a central role in translating your business to other countries. Translating content requires more than a literal switch from one language to another, so it is important to work with an attentive local translator who understands differences in phrasing and idioms. Vicks Vaporub experienced the importance of a good translator during a marketing fail involving its own brand name. "Vicks," when read in German, is pronounced "Ficks," as a V transliterates to an F. Sadly, "Ficks" is the Germ…Read entire entry »

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As search engines continue to develop and generate new ways of determining website relevance, the methods used for articulating site performance are becoming more nuanced. This encourages a new approach to search engine optimization that matches the ever changing landscape of the internet. PageRank is Dead/Dying/Needs to be Gone Several years ago, PageRank information was updated every few months, but now these updates occur much less frequently. The lack of up-to-date information regarding PageRank reveals that this is no longer a reliable indicator of a site’s performance. At the very least, it cannot be the sole measurement of site performance and sh…Read entire entry »

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In my push towards helping to create some Standards, demystify search engine optimization and help more and more people get search engine optimization into their marketing budgets, I am offering up a free RFP template for those seeking search engine optimization services. Certainly, there will be other search engine optimization firms out there who may want to offer some suggestions AND I WELCOME THEM! (add them as a comment to this post, and I will try to include them, as we revise this moving forward). As with all things "interactive", this document should be a living/breathing thing, constantly evolving to include other key influencers. Update: It's been a while since this has been published so we felt the need to put our heads together and come up with a 2014 version of what a SEO RFP should look like. …Read entire entry »

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