My oldest started kindergarten this year, and with that comes learning the ABCs. This means most of my nights are spent looking at poorly copied indecipherable black-and-white copies of images whose first letters my son is supposed to learn. So when my time came to write for the Vizion blog, I got the bright idea to write out the ABCs of SEO. I thought it would make for a fun read, but when it came down to it I have to say that coming up with elements for each letter was tougher than I’d like to admit. Regardless, I was able to do it! A is for analytics. I know it’s painfully obvious, but seriously: What’s SEO if we can’t measure it? Analytics can tell us so much about how a site is performing and …Read entire entry »

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Go ahead…search for “” on Google. You won’t find that domain. And, interestingly enough, you also won’t find their main domain/home page for the same search on Bing. Here’s a little story about how that may have come to happen… As many of you may know, I have been on a rant – for years – about the practices of Here’s a rundown of some of my posts: April 2007: August 2008: January 2010: …Read entire entry »

Gaining widespread exposure online means using the right local listings, review sites, and online directories properly to generate publicity about the quality of your business. Review this list to make sure you are making an impact on the community.   Google   The obvious number one, all businesses should focus on their Google listing since Google serves millions of people each day. Register for free, personalize your information, and then enjoy the results. Your business will appear on Google maps, and Google+ provides an area for both satisfied and disappointed customers to share their opinions to help improve your business.   Bing   Second only to Google, Bing continues to grow in the search engine world. Sign up for free and optimize yo…Read entire entry »

Latest Vizion Posts The New Google Panda Is Here SEO Google - On How They Know When to Slow or Stop Crawling Your Web Site Here is some nice insight on Google’s crawling of your site. Remember, if you are providing a slow experience or 5XX errors, Google will slow or stop crawling your site. One of the more important factors with SEO is to ensure the search engine crawlers can access your web pages. If they can't access your web pages, then you will have a hard time getting your pages indexed and ranked in the search results. There are two very important crawl signals that will prevent crawlers from crawling your site or crawling it infrequently. Google Considers Ad…Read entire entry »

September 25, 2014 Google has officially announced Panda 4.1 27th update algorithm that specially designed to filter low quality or thin content from ranking high in the search engines. It started most likely last Tuesday or Wednesday and it will continue this week and beyond week until it is completed. In the Panda 4.1 update those small and medium sized high-quality websites will rank better in the search engines. This is not just another refresh considering Google has added and updated more signals to its algorithm. Google’s Pierre Far mentioned that Google added a “few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely.” Apparently it will impact about 3-5% of search queries which is a pretty significant update. People are reporting in various forums suc…Read entire entry »

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Link building is a unique niche requiring specific traits and tricks to create the optimum outcome. Companies need good link builders to help them gain exposure in their industry and throughout the web. As a link builder, it seems easy to stay sharp on technique and strategy, but sometimes it’s good to assess your position and remind yourself what is important to help you reach new levels of success. A Pinch of Patience is Necessary for Quality Links At its core, link building focuses on discovering new ways to get your links placed on various pages outside a company’s website. Part of a link builder’s job is to pinpoint which site Google recognizes as an authority, and then start formulating various ways to get your site linked from the authority. Backlinks id…Read entire entry »

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In the past we have seen Sitelink Search Boxes for power sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, etc., but what about for us regular folks? Google announced on Sept. 5th, the ability for your site to feature a search box for deeper site: content on your site. Since then, webmasters are seeing that these search box queries are now delivering users directly into respective site internal search results.  Additional features also include an autocomplete function that provides ideal search result queries akin to your site’s content.   Why is this cool? Another entry point to your site from search engines is always a plus. Your attention to preferred markup has no…Read entire entry »