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Dario Ruff, Sr Mitt Romney – Completely Wrong? Google Thinks So

After taking a shellacking in the media, polls and social media after his 47% comment, Mitt Romney decided to take a step back, and distance himself from those statements.  After a great showing in the debate and with polls shifting in his direction, Romney backpedaled on the statement by saying it was “completely wrong.”

Romney wanted to get the word out, but somehow shot himself in the foot again.  His "completely wrong" statement now rules the social media airwaves. If you do a Google image search for the term “completely wrong,” the page is inundated with images of the candidate. This

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Natalie Revell Five Things You Can Learn from the Top Twitter Trends

Twitter turned six years old in March of this year.  Yes, our little microblogging site is growing up so fast! With Wikipedia reporting over 500 million active Twitter users as of 2012, over 340 million tweets daily and 1.6 billion search queries per day, Twitter is definitely a powerhouse in the social space. 

One of Twitter’s attractions is the trending hot topics and the ability for users to be part of the buzz in real time.  A Twitter trend is the hot, emerging topic currently being discussed on Twitter, usually with a keyword or topic related hashtag (#) attached.  You can

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Lisa Young Capitalizing on Search Trends, Gangnam Style

This week, I have definitely seen fewer references, clips and new parody videos about the K-pop hit "Gangnam Style" by South Korean artist Psy. If you are truly sick of this trend, take heart -- there are some signs that Gangnam Style has peaked. To confirm, I headed over to Google Trends which merged with Google Insights for Search last month. October trends are definitely down from September when Psy made the rounds on shows from Ellen to SNL.

Google Trends


Enviable Search Visibility

Gangnam Style illustrates the potential that rising internet trends can generate. In just three months, this single has been

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Star Green Top 5 Resources for the New Digg

Digg is a social news website that allows community members to vote Web content up or down by “digging” it. The site allows users to submit, share and vote on content they find interesting, funny, newsworthy or useful. From an SEO or social media perspective, a social sharing site like Digg can get your content noticed, socialized and can send a nice stream of referral traffic. In Digg's heyday, content reaching its home page often received server-crashing amounts of traffic.

This summer, the Digg brand, Website and pre-existing technologies were rumored to have been purchased by Betaworks for about $500,000.

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Dario Ruff, Sr How to Use LinkedIn as a Tool for Marketing and SEO Purposes

LinkedIn can be a great tool for professionals to promote their businesses.  What a lot of professionals don’t know is how effective it can be for both marketing and SEO.

The key to making LinkedIn successful is to create a complete user profile.  There are various sections within LinkedIn that allow you to put in targeted keywords and promote yourself as an expert in your field.

 Some main areas to focus on completing are:

     Name and Headline – LinkedIn gives you the option to either show your first name and last initial or your full name.  If you are well known in your
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Sam Eary What is a Backlink and Why Should I Care? Part 1

When you are just starting out in SEO, terms like SERP, rankings and anchor text (and the list goes on) may sound like a new language. So today, we’re going to talk about one foundations of link building – backlinks. Quality backlinks are essential to the success of any SEO campaign. So let’s answer the question: What is a backlink and why should I care?

In simplest terms, a backlink is any link that points back to your Website (link back = backlink). These links appear as clickable text that you can follow to another Webpage. The text is clickable because

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Lisa Young 10 Critical Steps to Redirect Traffic to a New Site

If you casually ask an SEO how to redirect traffic to a new site, you can expect at least an eye twitch. If you announce out of the blue that your site is moving to a new domain, expect serious gnashing of teeth and possibly warnings of doom and destruction for your organic search presence. For an SEO, this is the stuff of nightmares. 

While there can eventually be tremendous benefits if the site has made improvements that will increase conversions, an improperly managed site migration can take your site back to ground zero in terms of organic indexing and visibility. Despite

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Josh McCoy How to Grant Access to Google Webmaster Tools

In my previous post, I discussed how to grant access to Google Analytics to your SEO, agency or another 3rd party. Google Webmaster Tools is another great tool that can provide valuable insights to your team. Webmaster Tools or GWT is basically like an on-going report card from Google which lets you see how the engine views your site.

In GWT, you'll find crawl stats, errors Google encountered, suggestions on how to improve your site, stats on page load time as well as the ability to provide Google with data about your site and upload sitemaps.  Google allows you to provide

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Josh McCoy How to Provide Google Analytics Access

If you are a site owner or manage your company's website, inevitably, you will have to grant access to your site's analytics. I find myself walking new clients through the process of granting access to Google Analytics so often that I thought it would be a good idea to document the steps needed. 

Granting Access

1. Access your Google Analytics Account Dashboard
2. From the upper right hand of screen click on Admin button

3. From the Admin Screen choose Users and then +New User

4. Next, choose to create new user, provide

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Natalie Revell How to Publish Articles in 2012

So many changes have come from Google lately that our heads are spinning. Panda and Penguin have slapped us around and have yet to tire.  They are still going strong, leaving us dazed and confused as to what these two want to be fed at the Google zoo.  In the midst of the smacking there have been changes to Search + Your World, ads above the fold, search quality for video, knowledge graph and much more.  But what about articles?

Past practices of article spinning, using article syndication sites to push out mass versions of a single article and submitting the

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Lisa Young 10 Ways to Provide High Quality Search Content

The phrase "content is king" has been both touted and disparaged by SEOs quite frequently over the last decade or so. Recent Google algorithm shifts have helped reignite the rally cry around content marketing. Google desires to surface content which is fresher, original, higher quality and socially popular. The bar for your marketing team has been raised. You cannot win with average content or even a lot of content. You need content which wins fans.

Consistent production of this caliber of content is actually difficult for most companies to deliver. As we audit our clients' content and evaluate their competitors, we generally

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Josh McCoy Internal Linking for Related Content

While many obsess over their inbound link profile, quantity of links, quality of links etc., I am one who continuously reminds others that your internal links matter too. Now, I don’t want to start any fights with link-builders out there as I do feel that inbound linking is more important than internal linking but we can’t forget internal linking for two main reasons. It is a way to show search engines which content is relative to another in a site and also to provide pathways for users across your site.

Google has a pretty good idea of the relationship of your

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Mark Jackson The Importance of Customer Service for an SEO Company

I have an open-door policy. I want to hear from our employees and our clients on how we can do things better. Years ago an employee approached me and said, “You know what, Mark…I think – given the choice – it’s more important that a client is happy rather than if they get results.”  At first I was quick to say, “heck no….results are the name of the game.” Then I thought about it…

If a client isn’t happy, then do results really matter? And if they aren’t happy but yet we are delivering results from our efforts, then our ability

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Star Green Working With Facebook Promoted Posts

In the world of social media, there is no doubt that change is inevitable. It seems like every time you turn around the look and usability of your favorite social media site has evolved into something different. Sometimes better and sometimes - not so much. It is no secret that this is a practice commonly found with Facebook. From changing the aesthetic look and feel of profile pages, to adding cover photos and more, Facebook is no stranger to giving its users something fresh, new, and shiny to play with. With the roll out of its latest advertising platform, Facebook

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Natalie Revell Top 5 Marketing Tips to Adopt From the 2012 Olympics

As the London 2012 Olympic Games draw near, we are starting to see glimpses of the athletes, the competing sports and finally more on London than just The Royal Family.  The closer these games get the more interested we become.  We don’t have to be asked twice to cheer on and support our American athletes.

There are lessons to be learned here for all of us.  Even marketing lessons.  So what exactly can marketers take away from the spirit of these games?  Let’s look at the top 5:

1)      A great story sets you apart.  Each athlete has his or her own

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Sam Eary Happy Birthday America!


It’s the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our Independence by blowing up a piece of it!  My son (who is in elementary school) was asking me questions about this patriotic holiday and while I happen to be the type of guy that actually remembers all that stuff he learned in history and civics, I thought, “What do the Interwebz tell us about the holiday?”  So exercising my Google fu, this is what I shared with my son.  


America declared its independence from England!  The top three results are all related to the history of the holiday

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Sam Eary The Secret of StumbleUpon


There are many social media sites designed to share content with their community.  StumbleUpon does this by displaying content according to user preferences.  By sharing links you can increase web traffic and boost the lifecycle of your content.  And to do that you are going to need to increase the StumbleUpon page rank of your content via number of views and number of followers.

So where to start?  Get involved in the community by developing a genuine presence.  Do this by reviewing content of other Stumblers.  Found someone with content you like and/or related to your interests?  Follow them.  By

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Josh McCoy SES Toronto 2012 Day 2 Coverage

So, here we are at Search Engine Strategies in Toronto. This is day 2 and I will be updating continually with the latest and greatest insight from today's speakers. Email Can Drive Search, Social and Mobile Christine Yaged from Publishers Clearing House Evaluate You Brand!- What are your customers needs, what makes you special? Understand Your Customers-Survey, Feedback and assess analytics Liquify your Content-Content is like water. It has to go everywhere, people have to access it in many ways. Zephirin Lasker from Pontiflex 88% of people check email from mobile device daily. Be direct, fast loading, one sentence what the user will get. Have ... Continue Reading »

Natalie Revell Should You Hire a Fresh, New Graduate or a Digital Marketing Firm to Head Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Summer is upon us and that means universities nationwide are cutting loose their communications and new media graduates out into the real world job market.  These new graduates are eager, young, full of passionate energy and have silly smiles plastered all across their faces.  They come armed with the latest smart phones and tablets (clearly graduation gifts) and they know how to use them.  They're hip, in the know and wear the latest styles and speak the lingo.  But do they know what they are doing when it comes to your social media marketing campaign?

Well, let's ponder this a bit. 

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Josh McCoy Help, I’ve Been Penguinized!

So you have been Penguinized, hopefully no worse than you were Pandalized. What was this update from Google all about and how can you counter so that you maintain your SERP presence.

Penguin was an algorithmic update set worth by Google to do what all algorithmic update before intended to do, better search result relevancy. The Penguin update was specifically intended to combat overly-spammy web pages. Google took aim at sites with unnatural back links, crap content and overstuffing of keywords.
Since Penguin came out of the gate the consensus of many is that this was more of a link

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