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Natalie Revell Don’t Photo Bomb Your Own Content Marketing

Online marketing today primarily consists of two heavy-weights that go hand-in-hand: content marketing and social media marketing.  Brands use content marketing as a primary factor in their social media efforts.  Today’s consumers are not only tech savvy but they are reputation savvy.  They will trust what their friends and friends of friends say online about a brand any day over what the brand is telling them in an advertisement.

While brands know and understand this, they seem to miss the mark when creating their own content marketing strategies.  Take infographics for example.  If your brand is creating and pushing out infographics

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Josh McCoy Is Your Analytical Data Legit?

One of the most important components of an SEO campaign is benchmarking analytical data and continuous monitoring of that analytical data as a success metric. It also becomes an essential resource in assessment to determine further optimization of performing pages and keyword terms.  However, if your analytics are not tracking appropriately, you may be assessing success or the lack thereof on misinforming data. It is imperative as first step in an organic search campaign to remove your Web analytics setup to ensure that your data is being represented accurately.

(Google Analytics is our preferred tool of choice and is used for

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Dario Ruff, Sr Top Keyword Selection Formula for Organic Search

Rankings, Rankings, Rankings… Many SEO companies brag and boast about the rankings they have achieved for their client’s.  It’s all over their testimonials page and in their white papers; but do those rankings actually generate traffic, and revenue?  Having long tail, non-searched keywords in top positions for your Website, poses no added value to your organic search campaigns. Of course it’s nice to see it on the screen and to tell your business partners; but if it does not yield additional revenue for your company, it’s a moot point.

With over 2.7 billion searches performed on Google a day, it’s imperative

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Mark Jackson Guaranteed SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization at its “Best?”

Recently I received an email from a client asking me if we can offer the same guarantees that are included in an email they received.

You know the type of emails I’m talking about…the ones that say something like “guaranteed top positions in Google,” “guaranteed results,” “guaranteed SEO rankings.” Or perhaps they go so far as to say (as this one did) “guarantee that organic traffic and pageviews from search engines will increase,” that you’ll see “an increase in new site visitors from search engines” and “improved overall rankings for targeted keywords and phrases.”

 As I replied to this client…


SEOs offering guarantees

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Joshua Titsworth Building Quality Links for Boring Niches

We’ve all had that one client who came to us for link building that was in an industry that made us go “really, people make that?” What we were really thinking was, “how can we promote this?” Truth be told it takes more than just getting creative.

Get creative and get the client involved

Don’t get me wrong, creativity is a huge part of the process. My buddy Don Rhodes dropped some creative knowledge my way on building links for lawyers, which is not only dull at times but pretty tough (one of the toughest niches according to him). The biggest thing

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Natalie Revell How to Ready Your Facebook Business Page for Graph Search in 5 Easy Steps

Graph Search is what Facebook is calling the third of its three pillars; with the first being the news feed and the second being Timeline.  Graph Search is the new search function Facebook is rolling out that produces results based on likes, interests, locations and relationship history. 

For example, with the utilization of Graph Search, a query for “single friends in Dallas who like to go see live bands” will yield some great results.  As a matter of fact, it is supposed to pull every single one of your friends who qualify for your search.  Without Graph Search, that search query

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Josh McCoy Craving Something More From Your SERP Display?

This isn’t the first time I have approached this topic as I think that your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) display is a very important aspect to consider in your Web marketing endeavors. As I expounded in “SEO, the SERPs and your First Impression,” basic SEO and an advertiser's mind are needed to create an enticing introduction to Web searchers. We have to remember that the search result is the first time your potential visitor and you are meeting. This is your chance to stand out from the rest of the pack and be the “different one.” Likewise, don’t be

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Dario Ruff, Sr Is Your Digital Marketing Getting The Love It Deserves?

It’s now the month of love.  While most of you are making floral delivery plans, securing dinner reservations, picking up chocolates, cards and more for your significant other, don’t forget to show your online marketing initiatives some love too.

Ensuring that your digital marketing campaigns are in tune with the season is best practice for optimal performance.  Starting that wave early is one of the most optimal strategies we recommend to all our clients.  Why wait until the last minute to start running your Valentine’s Day ads and romantically decorated landing pages?  By that time you’re too late.  Advertisers must understand

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Joshua Titsworth Useful Link Building Tips for 2013

The year 2012 was filled with countless SEO changes.  Many welcomed it; but it seems even more dreaded it. So what changed in 2012 that you should be aware of?

Penguin & Panda

If you do a Google image search for “Google Panda” or “Google Penguin” you get a pretty clear sentiment for how our industry viewed these updates. I don’t care what the posts these images are used with say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In short, these updates made business owners (and SEOs) pay a lot more attention to on-site and off-site optimization efforts.

Panda was focused at the

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Natalie Revell How Social Media Helps Brands Connect to Social Consumers

Have you ever been on Facebook and posted a request to your friends to recommend a great restaurant in a city you’ll be visiting?  Did you notice ads starting to populate on the right side of your page for restaurants in that city?  That’s Facebook’s ad campaign picking up the keywords in your post and giving you what you want.  While that is pretty cool in itself, what’s even more cool is seeing how many of your friends like that restaurant’s page.  In today’s social consumer’s eyes, the friends’ likes has more weight than the ad itself.

Seeing these ads can

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Josh McCoy My 2013 List of Demands for Google

The other day I sat thinking about all of the great SEO tools that have come about in the last few years. These online tools and software mashups make it so much easier to see SEO errors and mistakes.  But they can also highlight the many opportunities that lie in front of us in the world of SEO, on-page and off-page.  I also thought about the advancements in Google Analytics (GA) in the last few years as well as the lack of GA offerings I figured we would have by now.

Now I don’t want to look a gift horse in

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Mark Jackson 13 Resolutions for Your 2013 Search Campaigns

Get the most out of your search and social media campaigns this year by taking inventory now and making these 13 actions part of your best practices.

1. Make measurement a priority in 2013. IIf you’re not able to track the ROI of your search campaigns (or worse yet, don’t know what ROI is or what your goals are), move this initiative to the top of your to-do list. It’s critical for your search team to be optimizing your campaign around the right products, keyword targets and metrics that move the needle for your business. Make sure your analytics are set

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Dario Ruff, Sr How to Measure SEO Success

We’ve all been pitched by someone from a marketing agency offering number 1 rankings in Google or our money back.  Sounds enticing enough, right?  But does that offer mean they know what they are doing and what do 1st page rankings actually do for your brand and your bottom line?  For some, it’s that boost needed to bring in tons of organic traffic to their Website.  For others, it’s just nice to say there is some ranking on Google's 1st page for a few keywords.  But keep in mind the primary goal.  All companies are looking to increase revenue, and

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Josh McCoy End of Year: Skip Reflection, Let’s Look to the Future!

In the digital age, we cannot look into the rearview mirror. Why, you ask? Because the search marketing space is moving too fast for us to focus on the past. OK, OK we can hit the highlights: Google's Penguin algorithmic update slammed what were deemed as spammy sites; Google Shopping (the wonderfully free offering for ecommerce sites to generate revenue) became a paid inclusion service of Google Adwords - My Product Listing Ads. We hit a few highlights, and considering that Google makes an algorithmic change on the average of once per day, we are just scratching the surface. Let

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Natalie Revell 13 Great Topics to Boost Blog Traffic in 2013

Each new year brings about new ideas and first attempts. Many companies have blogs that are not living up to their potential. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to work on increasing your blog traffic? You can achieve this goal by writing blog posts on topics that have been proven to get reads and shares.  Here are 13 proven blog post topics for your 2013 planning:

1)      Lists.  Compile a useful list related to your industry.  This blog post you are reading right now is an example.  I’m giving you a list of blog topics to help increase your blog

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Star Green Pinterest for Business

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you haven’t had much choice but to notice the newest Social Media force to hit the scene, Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network created  to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.” The site allows its users to share and discover videos and images by “pinning” their interest to their own pinboards. The influence that a specific pin has can be seen through the number of likes, comments and repins it receives.

Because of the heavy popularity of the site and the competitive advantage it offers, Pinterest is a

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Josh McCoy Dallas Digital Summit Day 2 Recap

 It was another busy day at Dallas Digital Summit. Between speaking and running our company booth we were able to get out to a couple sessions to soak up some of the great knowledge being delivered! Hear are some highlights! 

Email Marketing

Email Deliverability-The What, the Why, the How

Ryan Moss -YesMail

-Gmail Blocks email marketing blasts.

-Ensure you are generating inbox measurement reporting before you begin campaigns

-Blacklisting: Spamhaus, a blacklisting enforcer, creates "spamtrap" email addresses as learning beacons to find people to blacklist. This can cause a loss of 70% of your blast audience.

-Understand your audience and complete segmentation based on engagement.


What's New What's

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Josh McCoy Dallas Digital Summit Day 1 Recap

Opening Keynote

Alexis Ohanian Co-founder Reddit

-You have to earn every single user.

-The internet is a level playing field.

-Have an idea and start doing it.

-Instead of opening a factory you only have to open a laptop.

-Unprecedented growth only happens in an interconnected web.

-Make something people want.

-Amazing, Reddit has spent $500 on advertising in the last 7 years.This was on stickers!

-Good design is winning. Your UX tells me how much you respect me, or how much you disrespect me.

-What you have can be valuable. Take your awesomeness to scale.

-Give lots of damns!


User Design and Experience

Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Move Fast

Jeremy Johnson -Travelocity

-You need

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Josh McCoy SES Chicago 2012 Day 3 Recap

It was another great day at SES as the conference drew to a close. With leaving early to catch a flight and speaking in one of the sessions, it left me with only two sessions of recap for today. There was still some pretty good info to be heard though. Enjoy!

Integrated Marketing: What Does it Really Mean? Panel Session Lee Odden -TopRank Online Marketing Giovanni Rodriguez -SocialxDesign Todd Friesen -Salesforce
What are the key issues? TF: We are struggling with the fact that Search and Social team are not the same. These teams have to work together.  Spend a lot of time coordinating together.  LO:There has been ... Continue Reading »
Lisa Young Signs That Your PPC Campaigns Need an Audit

As we near the end of the year, most marketers are taking a cursory look at their paid search campaigns and deciding whether they can sustain or must increase their budget for 2013. Another group of marketers, however, is getting in the weeds and taking a hard look at their PPC campaign performance. They are taking a deep dive into all aspects of the campaign from the campaign structure to the creative. They are comparing their tactics and landing pages to competitors and finding opportunities to increase results with less money.

David Szetela is a paid search marketing consultant, national speaker

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