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Josh McCoy SES Chicago 2013 Day 2 Recap

It was a great day in Chicago at Search Engine Strategies which was jam packed with insightful information. While there were sessions on Paid, Social and much more you can tell I am favoring the content marketing vertical this year. After listening to several speakers today the mutual vibe was to create great content and let it be the bridge between Search and Social.






Here we go...

  Badass Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance your Customer Reach Dan Cristo, Director of SEO Innovation, Catalyst Online

Create a routine:
Hold ideas and bullet points then plan a time to sit down and flush them out.
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Vizion Meet Vizion Interactive at SES Chicago 2013

Conference: Search Engine Strategies(SES) Conference Chicago 

Date: Nov. 5-7th

Speakers: Josh McCoy (@joshuacmccoy) Grant Simmons (@simmonet)

Session: Assess. Diagnose.Fix: How to become a Leading SEO Mechanic

Time: 10:45AM-11:45AM

It's back! Search Engine Strategies(SES) is once again hosting their conference in Chicago and it starts today. Want to be a better marketer? SES fills their three day conference agenda with a wealth of sessions on Paid, Owned and Earned strategies to help you succeed. 

Again this year we are proud to announce that Vizion Interactive will be attending and presenting. Join Digital Marketing Strategist Josh McCoy, on Day 3,  as he speaks in the "Assess. Diagnose.Fix: How to

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Joshua Titsworth Image of the Week [10/17/2013]: Google Stalking

Does Google know everything about you?

Mark Jackson Image of the Week [10/11/13]: Prehistoric Google

Do you remember how you used to "Google" before Google?

Josh McCoy Beyond (Not Provided), Steps You Can Take To Glean Keyword Insight for Your SEO Strategy

As SEOs, we have had very little time to stand back up, brush the dirt off ourselves, and glare back at Google for the recent retrieval of keyword data insight provided by the search giant. For some, this data presented an opportunity to hone in on targeting single keyword-minded SEOs, but it’s also used by others to gain a better understanding of what searcher intent was used by organic referrers and thus how they interacted with site content. This was successfully analyzed by reviewing user metrics such as bounce rate, pages per visit, time on site, as well as conversion ... Continue Reading »

Mark Jackson Image of the Week [10/04/13]: Bing Search Joke

Does Bing provide you with what you're looking for?

Mark Jackson A Rant – “Top SEO Companies”…only this time, it’s not the usual suspect

So, I admit it…I am a bit “vain”. I am one of those CEOs who will on occasion search “search engine optimization companies” on Google to see just who is showing up.

In the past, I would see my “friends” (see many earlier posts on this subject). But, today, I came across another NEW “friend”.

Gotta love it.

I haven’t dug into exactly how these guys are established (who’s behind it), but I love it when I can check the backlink profile for a site like this and see a “clear” affiliation.

In this case, there’s a link from this website, (below)

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Mark Jackson Image of the Week [9/27/13]: Geeky Computer & Multi-Monitor Setup

Everyone appreciates a good computer and monitor setup, right? Check out two setups from our work-at-home staffers:

Mark Jackson Internet Marketing Link Roundup [9/27/13]

On the day of September 27th, 2013, Vizion Interactive's staff brings to you great Internet marketing links you may have missed this week:

Joshua Titsworth
Digital Marketing Specialist


Google’s Keyword Data Apocalypse: The Experts’ View

"There’s been a lot of talk on (not provided) and Google going to 100% secured searches. Here’s another good piece on what happened and other tips on how to deal with it and other areas in analytics to look at. Go read it!"



Jordan Kasteler
Digital Marketing Strategist


The Most Actionable SEO Tips Ever


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Jordan Kasteler Google’s “Not Provided” HTTPS Strangle Hold on Organic Search Tightens

Since 2010 search marketers have balked at the loss of analytical transparency provided by Google via keyword referral data as the search giant moved to enhance searcher privacy for logged in users. Kinda strange they didn't follow suit with AdWords data. OK, OK, I digress. Current activity on Google Search indicates that Google may be closing the gap on visible Organic keyword referrals with a much heightened use of secured search results.

We Saw This Coming

Well, at least we did. Over the past months the amount of Not Provided referred traffic we have been monitoring have been in a continual growth

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Jordan Kasteler EXPOSED: Using Facebook’s Audience Data for Fun & Profit

Facebook’s Graph Search and new features in ad audience targeting have provided a wealth of information and offered new abilities to Internet marketers (or any member of the public), but it still remains largely untapped. With a bit of creativity, the options are almost endless!

This post covers the various benefits that Facebook’s data offers to both marketers and users and outlines how to take advantage of the data and how to optimize your pages for Graph Search.

Feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most:

Data Mining, Research, & Competitive Intelligence

Influencer Marketing

Hiring &

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Mark Jackson BREAKING: Unlinked Site Mentions Valued by Google!?

Two Steps Ahead of Google in the Past

Last month, in my column titled Vince: The Google Update We Should Be Talking About (on Search Engine Watch), I had mentioned a comment made by my dear, departed friend Ted Ulle about Google’s Vince Update, and – in particular – something that he proposed as a manner in which Google might determine “brand.”

Here’s what he said (mind you, this comment came in 2009):

I also have the sense that there is a change in this direction. In 2008 Eric Schmidt made some comments that brands were more important. My only question is whether the

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Natalie Revell A September 11th Image You Won’t Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head

While today is a day of remembrance in our great nation, we are flooded with images, news stories, personal stories and the like all over social channels and main stream media.  While I searched for one of the best images of the 2 million bikers flooding DC right now, I came across this one.  And this one is the one I chose to share today.

The images of the bikers are powerful, yes.  They bring emotion to us all, yes.  God bless those bikers!  And God bless America!

But this image brought tears to my eyes and a swell in my chest

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Dario Ruff, Sr Monitoring Transactions and Revenue with Google Analytics’ E-Commerce Tracking

If you’re an online retailer who doesn’t track sales and revenue, then you’re missing out on a wealth of data.  Not just any data, but data that can help you make informed marketing decisions about where to spend display ad dollars, which keywords generate the most revenue, and which websites or search engines send you the most revenue, not just traffic (although these may be the same).

Tracking sales from your website should be one of your first priorities when you set up a shopping cart.  Google Analytics e-commerce tracking works with almost all CMS systems, including Magento,

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Natalie Revell Content Marketing: Scale or Fail

Content marketing and communications have come a long way.  Just a couple of decades ago, marketing messages were pushed through newspapers, TV, radio broadcasts and print media.  They were one-way push marketing.  Journalist were considered elite and hard to reach.  It was deemed a great feat to have a journalist write about your business in the local paper or an industry magazine, two outlets with limited audiences. 

The Internet did not become public until 1994.  But once it arrived on the scene, creative business minds saw the reach potential it gave them while opening up a means for two-way pull marketing. 

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Joshua Titsworth Manage Your Online Reputation; Avoid a PR Nightmare

When someone writes a negative review about your business or starts a thread on a forum; it’s not fun to deal with negative publicity, no matter how large or small your brand is. Ideally your company already has a solid action plan and protocol in place for times like these.  You can't just bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem is not there.  Even something that may not seem “big” upon immediate inspection can grow into multiple, ongoing problems.  It’s best to immediately nip these issues in the bud before they morph into an unmanageable PR nightmare.


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Josh McCoy Local Search, Schematically Speaking

If I could sum up local search SEO in a few words as it has progressed over time, it would be to say that local search is showing search engines a relevant understanding of what you (as a business) offer/provide in relation to proximity. We have worked as local SEO experts in creating local listings and citations to help Google understand where we are located. We have created relevant and effective location pages on our site or through our geo-relevant keyword research to help Google understand what we do and where we are located. We have worked to create a

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Dario Ruff, Sr Link Value in a Penguin & Panda World

In one of my past posts back in May titled Latest on Webspam Combat from Google, I wrote about how Google was combatting spam by threatening and punishing sites or networks that sale or distribute paid links.  With all the “link building is dead” and “Google will swat you” talk swarming around, it’s no wonder businesses and agencies alike are partially afraid to engage in a link building strategy.  With that notion in mind, let’s dive into why Google focuses so much on sites and networks that attempt to sell links. Do Links Still Matter? Of course they do and I will ... Continue Reading »

Joshua Titsworth 5 Things To Check Before Buying That Used Domain

Thinking about buying a used domain? You better stop and do some research first. But before I go any further, take a gander at this:

We all know you can’t “reset the SEO” on a site but the question is still valid (though maybe not on a $5,000 spammed domain).

Is it in the index?

Seems like a duh statement right? Well, it is. Cutts' video shows us the easiest, simplest way to check if a site is in Google’s index. And since we’re talking about used domains, unless they removed it via the robots.txt file there should still be some pages left.

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Natalie Revell How to Measure VOI (Value of Infographics)

Before getting into how to measure the value of infographics, let’s first look at what they are and what their purposes are in terms of content marketing.  What goals can infographics meet for your overall content marketing objectives?  Why should your business invest in producing and promoting an infographic?  What should it say?

An Infographic Defined

An infographic is a fun, visually engaging way to communicate a lot of content that does not require a lot of reading.  It’s a way to

get complex messaging in front of your target audience in a quick and stimulating way.  You can already see the benefit,

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