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Mark founded Vizion Interactive, Inc. in July of 2005 with the goal of creating a team of dedicated professionals who shared his passion in helping businesses realize the benefits of solid Interactive marketing strategies. Mark entered the Interactive marketing arena with Lycos in February of 2000, after many years in radio, television and print advertising. From working with HotBot, Lycos, and AOL Time Warner, to his entry into the agency business in 2003, Mark has always been client-centric and is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

Internet Marketing Link Roundup [4/11/14]

Google: Our Algorithms Picked up on Your Keyword Stuffed Page

“Interesting, the basics of SEO still ring true today!” –Josh McCoy



Study: 78% of Local Mobile Searches Result in Offline Purchases

“Local and Mobile can drive sales/leads online but also do the same offline!” –Josh McCoy



SEO for Ecommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

“Not a blog post, but a great slide deck on Ecommerce SEO.” –Joshua Titsworth



The Linking Dilemma: Google Has Left a Giant Mess for Us All

"Julie Joyce digs into link penalties, toxic links and the havoc Google has left for SEOs in the link building game.” –Joshua Titsworth



How to Get More Twitter Followers without

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [4/4/14]

Local Landing Pages: A Guide To Great Implementation In Every Situation

“Looking to improve your landing pages for local search? Use this guide.” –Joshua Titsworth

Automating and Visualizing Data from Google Webmaster Tools

“Who doesn't love visualizing data? This is a great piece on making the information in GWT actionable.” –Joshua Titsworth

Slides from the IA Summit 2014

“This is a MUST read. Be careful though, taking in this information is like drinking water from a fire hydrant.” –Joshua Titsworth

Marketing Personas: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

“Writing content for various personas can result in conversion increases. Here is a guide to creating marketing personas.” –Gary Huhn

Why Content

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [3/28/14]

4 Content Activities to Help Build Real Relationships with Influencers

“Great insight into the types of content that influencers will want to latch onto.” –Josh McCoy


Google Now Supports all Sub-Types of Organizational Schema

“Schema is all the rage and Google supports even more Schema properties!” –Josh McCoy


SEO for Startups New Businesses: An 11 Step Plan

“A valuable 11 step SEO plan for new businesses.” –Gary Huhn


Getting Reviews the Right Way for Local Business

“Ever wonder how to get reviews for your business? Here is a guide to getting reviews the right way for local businesses.” –Gary Huhn

The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion

“Not really a

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [3/21/14]

So… You Think SEO Has Changed?

“A great look at where we’ve been and where we are headed pertaining to SEO!” –Josh McCoy


Turning Old Content into New Links

“Great insight on how to get the most out of your owned assets!” –Josh McCoy


Manual Spam Action Revoked! A Case Study

“A look at getting a manual penalty removed.” –Joshua Titsworth


The Anatomy of a Google Smear Campaign

“A few days ago My Blog Guest was given a manual penalty from Google, this piece gives some insight as to what may really be going on.” –Joshua Titsworth


When Building Communities Isn’t the Best Way to Build Links

“A great

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [3/14/14]

Yes, Google Does Have & Use Author Rank; Specifically within In-Depth Articles

“Yet another reason why Google+ should be a part of your SEO strategy!” –Josh McCoy


Google’s Search Results Ditch the Underlined Links, Increase the Font Size & More in New “Experiment”

“What are your thoughts on the new Google SERP display?” –Josh McCoy


Google Working on a Softer & Gentler Panda Algorithm to Help Small Businesses

“Finally, some love for small businesses!” –Josh McCoy


Local Search Forum on Webmaster World

“A great list of local items to keep in mind for any local businesses getting involved in search.” –Joshua Titsworth


5 Unexpected Link Prospected Tools, and

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [3/7/14]

19 Technical SEO Considerations You Should Look at Today

“Some of these are basic, some aren’t. Either way, it’s a good list to keep on hand.” –Joshua Titsworth


Is Poor Backlink Strategy Damaging Your Brand?

“Outreach to sites is inevitable if you’ve been doing spammy tactics. But it’s no excuse to be a jerk to webmasters who haven’t replied to your email.” –Joshua Titsworth


Set Majestic Up Your Way

“SQUEEEEEEE…I mean, *ahem* Majestic now allows you to customize it YOUR way. Talk about putting the customer first.” –Joshua Titsworth


Why Spending Big On Extraordinary Content Marketing Is A Good Bet

“This is a bit self-promotional, as

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [2/28/14]

 Majestic Trust Flow or Moz Domain Authority for SEO?

"So many metrics to choose from, which one should you be looking at?" -Joshua Titsworth


 3 Steps to Identify Blog Topics that are Relevant to Your Audience

“Are you stuck trying to determine what topics you should craft content around for your blog posts? Here is a guide that helps you identify blog topics that are relevant to your audience.” –Gary Huhn


 Bing Takes A Stance Against Poor Spelling and Grammar, Saying It Will Hurt Rankings

“Google has already warned us about how poor spelling and grammar can affect search rankings and now Bing is taking the

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [2/21/14]

Google Didn’t Want Us To Use The Keyword Planner This Way. But It Works Nicely.

“It’s not often that people blog about alternative ways to use common tools so this was a good post that thought outside the box about using Google’s Keyword Planner tool.” –Jordan Kasteler

The Attributes of Usability and How to Exploit Them

“It’s high-time SEOs learn more about usability for Internet marketing purposes. There’s a great recap of various usability attributes here.” –Jordan Kasteler

The Number One Thing PPC Consultants Should Be Doing To Retain Clients

“While focused on PPC, this article is a good reminder to all consultants on how

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [1/31/14]

A Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood

“Be sure to update your Yahoo local listing, as they have updated the listings with some new enhancements such as a larger map, photos, company overview, etc.” – Gary Huhn

Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool

“Did you just upload new content to your site and you want it indexed as quickly as possible. Use the often under-utilized Google Fetch tool to get your content indexed faster.” – Gary Huhn

WTF is a Cookie Anyway? Do You Really Know, or Just Think You Do?

“Do you really know what a cookie is? Do you know what

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [1/24/14]

9 Tools To Help You Come Up With Content Ideas

“Sometimes the most difficult part of content creation isn’t finding the writing resource, it is the ideation.” –Josh McCoy         

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors Reports Now Showing Errors on Final Redirect URL

“Nothing like the feeling of Google offering more Webmaster Tools insight!” –Josh McCoy

Toward a Linkless SEO: The SEO Link is Dying. Here’s What Might Replace It

“Great write-up and interesting take on what might replace link building.” –Joshua Titsworth

Guest Blogging: A Change in the Google Algorithm

“Gini gives her take on the ‘guest blogging is dead’ thing.

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Image of the Week [1/17/14]: New to Digital Marketing

Did you feel like this when you were brand new to digital marketing? 

Internet Marketing Link Roundup [1/17/14]

Linking The Google Way In 2014 

- Mark Jackson

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

“I’m recommending this content purely from a visual standpoint of how content should be made!” – Jordan Kasteler

The Power of Authors and Content for Link Building

“This article takes a fresh approach to outreach and guest posting calling upon authors vs domains.” – Jordan Kasteler

What to do with your Disavow List when 301’ing an Old Domain 

"If you’ve ever had to deal with a disavow and redirect an old domain, you should read this."  - Joshua Titsworth

How to Create a Prioritized SEO Action Plan

"Simple but thorough write up on

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Internet Marketing Link Roundup [1/10/14]

    Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Adds Mobile Stats & No Longer Rounds Data

“Finally, Google is giving us better page/keyword impression numbers! We’re still not forgiving them for encrypted search though. :)” -Josh McCoy

    Pinterest Acquires VisualGraph, Looks To Improve Visual Search Capabilities

“Another reason to remember that images are content and that you should be on Pinterest!” –Josh McCoy

    Changes in SEO: What you need to know in 2014

“Good recap of what happened in 2013 and what to expect in 2014.” –Joshua Titsworth

    Five SEO New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

“Something I think we all can relate to, a few items everyone should be focusing

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Image of the Week [1/10/14]: SEO Birthday

The Search Engine Friendly Birthday Card

Internet Marketing Link Roundup [1/3/14]

    R.I.P Last Click Attribution

“This is a great reminder to explore different attribution models for different client goals to show the true value of marketing channels.” -Jordan Kasteler


    How to Use the Information Inside Google's Ved Parameter

“This tutorial teaches how to set up custom variables to track data passed through a Google parameter.” –Jordan Kasteler


    Link Building the Right Way in 2014

“From one of the link-building greats in our industry, here is the simple direction you need to take in link-building. Don’t get burnt like so many others have over the past few years regarding link-building.” –Josh McCoy


    Google: Can't Crawl Your Robots.txt Then
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2013 in Review – What I’m thankful for, this year.





While Google has made no fewer than 14 “major” updates to its algorithm this year, perhaps the biggest move will be that they have moved to “make search more secure” and eliminated our ability to track keyword referrals for SEO efforts.


 Kinda strange, then, that I would say that – in a way – I’m thankful for Google’s tough stance on making SEO even more challenging…I believe it’s ridding our Industry of the “pretenders” (I seem to be getting less and less SEO spam emails…you?).


While SEO has become more challenging, it’s also helping our Industry to evolve. We must all become solid

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Image of the Week [11/08/2013]: Google+ Conspiracy

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact!?

Image of the Week [10/11/13]: Prehistoric Google

Do you remember how you used to "Google" before Google?

Image of the Week [10/04/13]: Bing Search Joke

Does Bing provide you with what you're looking for?

A Rant – “Top SEO Companies”…only this time, it’s not the usual suspect

So, I admit it…I am a bit “vain”. I am one of those CEOs who will on occasion search “search engine optimization companies” on Google to see just who is showing up.

In the past, I would see my “friends” (see many earlier posts on this subject). But, today, I came across another NEW “friend”.

Gotta love it.

I haven’t dug into exactly how these guys are established (who’s behind it), but I love it when I can check the backlink profile for a site like this and see a “clear” affiliation.

In this case, there’s a link from this website, (below)

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