Concern about “fake news” is dominating the mainstream media these days. Since the advent of the internet, savvy online users have learned to be wary of misleading advertisements, scams, and other methods of digital deception that are rampant. I’d like to say most internet users know better than to respond to emails claiming they are the long-lost relative of a recently deceased monarch, they’ve won a contest they never entered and other similar email scams. Unfortunately, most people don’t apply the same measure of caution when it comes to reading so-called trustworthy news outlets, especially when exposed to it on social media. The recent presidential campaign seemed to bring out the worst in both the left-wing and right-wing media outlets, and the conflict has grown to the point th…Read entire entry »

The time, effort, and money you put into optimizing your content is all for nothing if your target audience doesn’t read it. Writing for the right audience is as important as focusing on the content itself. Producing content for the best audience for your brand is the only way to boost sales and increase conversions – reaching the people you need to reach the most. Target Your Audience If you don’t know who you want reading your blog, you can’t possibly know what to write. The first step in writing for the right audience is defining who that audience is. Are you targeting Millennials? Stay-at-home moms? Business executives? Identifying the ideal audience for your content is the only way to reach the consumers you want to convert, by tailoring your tone and information for the right crowd.…Read entire entry »

Last year, 2016, was a tumultuous one in many aspects, chief among them a rollercoaster of an election cycle that cast a glaring eye at the media for several reasons. Marketing is a constantly evolving game between marketing professionals and their target customers. Marketers are always looking for new ways to get their brands to resonate with the people who will benefit most from them, but they don’t always hit the mark. Marketing in the modern world relies heavily on popular culture and understanding the social conversations happening on any given day. In 2016, we’ve seen some content marketing campaigns fall absolutely flat – even entering the realm of downright tasteless in some cases – and others have captured audiences’ attention and delighted them in several ways. We’ve created a list of some the biggest wins and hardest fails in the content marketing world for 2016. …Read entire entry »

Near the end of 2016, Wendy’s started sending Twitter users and competition to the burn ward. It started with an exchange with a user critiquing their “fresh never frozen” slogan. The exchange was amazing: It didn’t take long after this for the thread to go viral. It did so well, in fact, Wendy’s told Business Insider their account had not been hacked. Since then it’s been a non-stop stream of witty retorts and gifs: But are responses like this…Read entire entry »

Mobile platforms are quickly overtaking desktop as the preferred platform for browsing the web, online shopping, and connecting with others on social media. As the mobile platform has grown in popularity, the technology behind it has evolved explosively in the last few years. We’re seeing mobile capabilities today that were mere pipe dreams a decade ago. It’s important to keep some of the developing trends in mind as you head into 2017. Some of the emerging tech and features may seem like innocuous bells and whistles at this point, but the potential of some of these developments is staggering. Here are some of the biggest mobile trends to watch in 2017. Voice Control Voice-assisted software …Read entire entry »

If a picture is a worth 1,000 words, a gif must be worth at least 10,000. These 15 gifs perfectly sum up search engine optimization (SEO) – its strategies, goals, and the trials and tribulations it gives today’s marketers. SEO rules are constantly changing, telling people what they can and cannot include on their websites. First keywords, then not too many keywords, next backlinks, but only high-quality backlinks… Navigating the rules of SEO isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. SEO can feel like taking one step forward and two steps back. Between the never-ending Google algorithm updates and new SEO trends making headlines, website managers might think they’l…Read entire entry »

Marketers are only human, but some of the mistakes we’ve seen over the years go beyond simple errors and into the realm of total catastrophes. From controversial product decisions to plain bad tact, several marketing fails found new life thanks to the effects of “viral marketing.” These five brands lucked out with their blunders – but they probably won’t try for the same effect twice. Mountain Dew – Puppy Monkey Baby When Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl ad debuted its “Puppy Monkey Baby” creation, no one expected it to achieve much success. Viewers complained that the main character was frightening, leading a 54% negative reaction to the ad. Yet, somehow, #PuppyMonkeyBaby trended, with more than 65,000 mentions shortly after the ad and 22 million views on YouTube. This stran…Read entire entry »

Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Keynote Speaker Ann Handley at this year's Dallas Digital Summit. She's the Best Selling Author of Everybody Writes and the Chief Content Officer for Marketing Profs. Check out our interview with Ann below, as she gives us a sneak peek into what she loves doing in her free time (when she's not writing best selling books), also her content marketing pet peeves, best practices, and predictions for what's to come in the world of content marketing. Check out more interviews with the DDS 2016 digital mark…Read entire entry »

Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Leo Sei at this year's Dallas Digital Summit 2016. Leo is a product manager for the Google Adwords team at Google. Check out our interview with Leo below, as he discusses how to utilize AdWords scripts, the free & hosted programmatic AdWords tool, the types of businesses it's best for, and what you can look forward to coming up soon in Google Adwords.     Check out more interviews with the DDS 2016 digital marketing pros, on our blog: Ann Handley | Bestselling Author of Everybody Writes & Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs …Read entire entry »

Vizion had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Barber at this year's Dallas Digital Summit 2016. Michael is the founder of barber&hewitt. Check out our interview with Michael below, as he discusses how to build effective email marketing campaigns for the modern consumer, what you should definitely be doing, what not to do, and what the future looks like for email marketing.   Check out more interviews with the DDS 2016 digital marketing pros, on our blog: Ann Handley | Bestselli…Read entire entry »