Currently Viral – May 21, 2015 We all know reddit attracts introverted geeks and there's nothing like a post that empathizes with the introvert's social plight amid a sea of like-minded socially awkward redditors. The image, originally posted on imgur, encapsulates who we've all felt at different times trying to edge into a conversation at a social event, whether we're introverts or extroverts. The post is currently trending at 539 comments and counting in the /funny/ subreddit. This thread is significant because it's probably the most empathy ever shown in one place in reddit. Ever. And it may never happen again. Identifying with human struggle is an excellent way for a post to go viral. It's part of the key to turning a mere novel into a c…Read entire entry »

Many enterprises rely on Google Analytics to track customers wherever they are. The results allow businesses to optimize their websites and pages, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and understand where their channels are the most successful. This is an easy way to attribute conversions and online transactions to a specific source or medium, whether it’s an ad campaign, organic search, or any other entry point that led to a consumer’s purchasing decision. Getting started and sorting through the vast amounts of information Google Analytics uncovers, though, can be difficult. Here are three easy-to-use features that will give you everything you need to track the effectiveness of your digital efforts without suffering from data overload.   Channel Reports Analysts rely on Channel Reports to determine the effectiveness of referrals, search engine ranks, and ads based on the medium or channels that brought them to the site. Defaul…Read entire entry »

Currently Viral – May 13th, 2015 Nothing says variety like an orphan attending Harvard, a big spider and a failed “prank”.   TIL an nine year old orphaned child from Rwanda living in a garbage dump told a charity worker “I want to go to school”. He is now 22, and attending Harvard. Everybody loves a feel good story. And this one is simply amazing. This young man lost his parents to the ethnic genocide that took place when he was just nine years old. However this didn’t stop him from pursing what education he could get and moving forward. It’s a really inspirational story. Inspiration is something people can really li…Read entire entry »

Implementing the right strategy to propel your company to those coveted Google positions takes research, initiative, and the right strategy. While there is plenty of noise and trendy ideas dictating what’s considered an effective strategy, there are some steps a business can take to maintain long-lasting SEO success that won’t get washed away with the next algorithm update. Here are some features of a solid strategy to keep in mind. Understand the Current Competitive Landscape  Search engines change the rules of how they rank all the time, and the time it takes for those updates to affect search engine rank can be hard to pinpoint. Even th…Read entire entry »

So yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, in case you hadn’t noticed. And American apparently needed a refresher course on what this Mexican holiday is all about. Thanks to ABC, NBC, and every other major news outlet out there, we never have to wonder again. If you already create a lot of video, it can be tough to score a viral post on a day like Cinco de Mayo—Buzzfeed’s Cinco video has fewer views than the international beer video they posted the same day (471k v. 397k at the time of this article was written, if it can be called an article. Whatever.). …Read entire entry »

Recently, another social site called rolled out, and from recent chatter, everyone wants in on it. Ello’s invite-only structure makes it an exclusive platform for individuals and businesses alike. Its “ad-free” ethos has also proven troubling to brands hoping to capitalize on a new marketing opportunity; however, many companies will still likely find meaningful ways to interact with audiences through this network. When it comes to new social networks, what’s the big deal? Should companies join right away, or should they “wait and see” whether such an environment is worth their time and resources? To answer this question, much depends on the goals and approach of each brand.  Opportunities New Social Networks Pose for Businesses Although the media through which users communicate varies by network, the benefits…Read entire entry »

The world of SEO has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. We have become absorbed in all that is content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and usability. Don’t get me wrong—I think we are definitely moving in the right direction. We should pay much attention to what the user does once he or she lands on a site. Over time, the organic search marketing segment had become a little too obsessed with keyword ranking placement. However, even though we have to manage many more irons in the fire, we still can’t forget to analyze our organic footprint from time to time and see how we can enhance and grow our search engine results page (SERP) presence.   Keyword Rankings I suggest that you not fall into the group that proclaims, “Our SEO rocks! We rank for 3,000 keywords!” Just because you rank for a ton of terms in Google doesn’t necessarily mean you have good organic visibility. Throughout this article we will look at several searc…Read entire entry »

Who doesn’t like cats?  The Egyptians worshipped cats and today things are no different. Cats are everywhere online, and like the Egyptians of old we post pictures of them on our walls. Our Facebook wall that is. While the video below is just a joke, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like if cats were part of every stage of the customer experience? I bet there would be lots of hissing, purring, meowing, yowling and allergy pills. No matter your thoughts on cats, you’ll have to agree this video is the cat’s meow! Share your favorite cat videos in the comment section below. We can’t wait to see them!   …Read entire entry »

This week in currently viral we’ve got cats, cosplay and Morgan Freeman. Relationships are hard work [Fixed] What we have here are two cats sitting when one reaches out to touch the other and gets hissed at. While it is cats just being cats, it’s something anybody that’s been in a relationship can understand. There are those moments when you’re just checking in on somebody and it’s the wrong moment. And that’s why it did so well, it’s relatable. If you’re looking at creating something for your audience make it something they can look at and go, “Yep, been there done that, got the t-shirt”. Relationships are hard work, but connecting with your audience shouldn’t be. Proper resear…Read entire entry »

When it comes to working in online marketing we rely heavily on tools to help automate some of the process. A lot of these tools you’re already aware of, tools like: Screaming Frog Majestic SEO Open Site Explorer SEM Rush And many, many others. But for today I’d like to focus on the browser extensions (for Chrome) that help out with research on the fly. Some of these you may have heard of, others maybe not. Check my links This is tool most people know about when they’re looking for broken links to harvest. It’s pretty simple. Just install it and you’re ready to go. When you visit a page just click on the icon in the browser and it will run a quick check to see if any links are broken or not: …Read entire entry »